A Nice 1 Cent (Copper) Lamination with the Matching Fragment

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by JCro57, May 20, 2019.

  1. JCro57

    JCro57 Making Errors Great Again

    Picked this up today at a local show. It is a beauty!
    0519191833_HDR.jpg 0519191835_HDR.jpg
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  3. thomas mozzillo

    thomas mozzillo Well-Known Member

    Very curious as to how it came apart and/or how it stayed together until it fell apart. Waiting for the error expert's opinions.
  4. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

  5. happy_collector

    happy_collector Well-Known Member

    Interesting coin, Joe. A penny cracker... lol :joyful:
  6. paddyman98

    paddyman98 No Common Cents! Supporter

    In my opinion.. I would classify it as a Cracked Planchet Error.

    It either somehow split apart after it was struck. Was still held together and finally separated with a little added force.
    Or.. When it was struck it split apart and both pieces just luckily ended up together in a sealed Mint bag where they were found.
  7. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    Based on the (lack of) toning on the now-showing parts, I’m inclined to believe it was a cracked Planchet error that later had help becoming two pieces. I’d be curious to inspect the edges closely to see if there was pressure/bending applied or if it was perhaps reverberations that cracked it. I still think it’s really cool, regardless of how it split.
  8. JCro57

    JCro57 Making Errors Great Again

    Definitely not bent.
    Definitely not cut with a laser, knife, or saw.
  9. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    Even better!
  10. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    @TypeCoin971793 has a large cent that broke into 3 pieces.
    Cool pick up JCro. The tones in the core of the planchet are perty.
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  11. TypeCoin971793

    TypeCoin971793 Just a random nobody...

    Just 2 pieces :)

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  12. JCro57

    JCro57 Making Errors Great Again

  13. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Not a lamination error but a defective planchet that was cracked before finally coming apart. A great error and what a lovely addition to your collection.
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  14. Fred Weinberg

    Fred Weinberg Well-Known Member

    It was a 'cracked planchet', and now it's a 'broken planchet', imo.
    Nice coin, and scarce error like that.

    The Large Cent isn't an error the same, imo.
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  15. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Well-Known Member

    Maybe the famous James Bond cent that Jaws bit in half. LOL Nice coin, great find.
  16. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

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  17. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

  18. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

  19. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    Think i heard this this before @TypeCoin971793
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  20. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    What else you got in that tool box of yours
  21. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    Lol. Now that makes perfect cents
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