A new web site on The Second Tetrarchy, 305-306

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    Recently I announced a new educational web site on the coins of the First Tetrarchy (Diocletian, Maximian, etc,):
    Now I am announcing a new educational web site on coins of the Second Tetrarchy:

    For numerous related pages, see the site of links here:

    The page of links has links to these pages:

    "Introduction to the Roman coins of the First Tetrarchy: Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius, and Galerius" [The first link above]

    "Coins of the First Tetrarchy: Pre-Reform Coins of Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius, and Galerius.

    "Follis types of the First Tetrarchy, 293-305 CE"

    "GENIO POPVLI ROMANI: a common late Roman coin type"

    "SACRA MONETA: a common late Roman coin type"

    Abdication types of Diocletian and Maximian

    How to distinguish coins of Maximian from coins of Galerius

    "Roman coins of the Second Tetrarchy" [The new, second, link above]

    How coins are dated to the Second Tetrarchy

    The "radiate fraction" a.k.a. "post-reform radiate" denomination.

    The silver argenteus denomination.

    I've been busy trying to make the coins of 284-306 understandable, especially to those who already collect ancient coins but don't know much about coins of that period. It is pretty complicated because there were four rulers at a time, not just one ruler followed by another as in the early centuries. The history is fascinating and the coinage complicated, but not too complicated, and not too expensive. Take a look around and bookmark the links page because it would take days to read it all.

    Private-message me if you find any typos or mistakes, or if you have suggestions. Web sites are easy to change (unlike books) and I want to make them as helpful as possible.

    Constantius was western Caesar in the First Tetrarchy and became western Augustus in the second. Here is a new type issued under the Second Tetrarchy:


    Constantius as Augustus
    28 mm. 8.84 grams.
    Fides standing left holding standard in each hand
    RIC Aquileia 60a
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    That's a tremendous amount of work - many hours of valuable reading. Thank you so much for all the effort!
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    Wow! It will become a "must read" reference for many years. I learned something new every 3 lines I read. Merci beaucoup for all the time you invested in this educative project.
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  5. Terence Cheesman

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    Maximus II Diai As Caesar Ae Follis Carthage 305-306 A.D. Obv. Head right laureate. Rv Carthage standing facing. RIC 40 b 10.38 grms 29 mm diai3.JPG
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