A much rarer QING dynasty banknote...

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Loong Siew, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Loong Siew

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    Qing Dynasty. 1873. Great Treasury of Khuree Banknote. 300 cash. In exceptional condition. Rare.

    Rough translation: paper money of Great Treasury of Khuree. 300 cash coins issued in the 3rd day of the month of the rat in the year of the water rooster.

    These pair of banknotes was issued by the great Treasury of Khuree (modern day Ulaanbator) in Mongolia during the Qing Dynasty. Issued for only 1 year and stamped on delicate muutuu paper, they were a form of traditional fiat currency coinciding with the time when the Qing government was also issuing paper currencies during a time of uncontrolled invitation. One was handwritten with a serial control number on the upper right corner whilst the other was probably yet to be officiated. All are very rare given their limited issues and delicate build. CSS28_294_1.jpg
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  3. Dave L

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    Very cool! They remind me of a black and white type of Tibetan Srang.
    I've not seen these before - very interesting notes. Have you had them long, or are they a new acquisition?
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  4. Loong Siew

    Loong Siew Well-Known Member

    These were recent acquisitions. They are very delicate pieces.. from the back you can see the ink on the obverse quiet clearly.. Compared to the Tibetan srang, these are much rarer as it adopts an old ink stamping method.. Not printing
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