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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by GinoLR, Jun 5, 2023.

  1. GinoLR

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    When planning a vacation in the wild, you sometimes find a friendly neighbour willing to feed the cat and water indoor plants while you're not at home, but it's a heartbreak to leave your collection for two weeks. On the other hand, carrying it in your backpack lacks discretion.

    mini collection.jpg

    What about very discreetly carrying a travel miniature collection in your pocket? The only problem would be finding two or three drawers that could fit in a matchbox.
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  3. Curtis

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    That's a pretty cool collection! I love Greek AR fractions and have made them a significant portion of my collection in recent years. The issue, of course, is always how to store / display them.

    A few favorites:

    If you can hang in until the end, this video rewards with increasingly tiny specimens over the course of ~79 seconds:

    Pair of cute Helmet & Bull Hemiobols from BCD Lokris-Phokis Collection:
    Phokis Hemiobols in hand e.jpg

    Caria Hemitetartemorion (only 4mm, 0.12g!).
    Probably early 4th cent. BCE under Hekatomnos (?), struck at Halikarnassos (?), or maybe Kasolaba (?).
    I love this type for the decades of debate around its identification/dating. This coin = HN Online 1922.3 (3rd specimen), ex Clain-Stefanelli.
    Hekatomnos Hemitetartemorion.jpg

    Few more...
    Greek AR Fractions Group in hand.jpeg

    A group lot or two:
    Savoca 28 Greek AR Fractions Group Lots.jpg

    Of course, for carrying around in a matchbox I would recommend adding a little cotton or something to keep them from rattling! That actually wouldn't be too different from the way many museums keep most of their coins. (Most use little rectangular open boxes, sometimes with a little cotton and/or paper labels, all arranged in drawers so they can be easily removed one-at-a-time for examination.)
  4. romismatist

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    I like the carnelian scorpion intaglio... I have one like that as well ;)
  5. ZoidMeister

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