A Lowball (?) 2005-P Quarter

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by The Half Dime, Apr 14, 2024.

  1. The Half Dime

    The Half Dime Arrows!

    I got this quarter today, but I'm not sure about the excessive wear. It doesn't quite look natural, which concerns me as I'm thinking about wearing this down some more. Is it a problem coin of some sort, or is it really worth carrying around?

    I apologize if the photos aren't too clear, but I'm hoping that they are pretty good. ;)

    WIN_20240414_10_49_50_Pro.jpg WIN_20240414_10_49_56_Pro.jpg
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  3. Noah Worke

    Noah Worke Well-Known Member

    It looks unnatural to me, but if you have it as a pocket piece for a while that could solve it. Don't take my word for it though, my only experience with lowballs comes from FB Marketplace.
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  4. The Half Dime

    The Half Dime Arrows!

    That seems quite reasonable. The coin is roughly F-VF as of right now, which is good when you could eliminate suspicious wear if you get it down to G-6 or below.

    I'm not too familiar with lowball coins either. Most of mone result from getting a good deal on a such worn coin, and ending up with a lowball.
  5. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    It did not look like that when it left the mint and that was 19 years ago.
  6. Michael K

    Michael K Well-Known Member

    Lowball is generally a coin that can grade a P-01. I don't believe this coin is a lowball. Here is a photo of one that I have, and if it is not damaged, it might be a lowball. I think it's a dryer coin but if it isn't, the date is legible and it would be P-01. (I believe it is 1989-P as the top circle on the last digit doesn't match a 0 or an 8.)
  7. The Half Dime

    The Half Dime Arrows!

    Ummm..... how could the coin be that worn?!?!?!? That'd be the dream of a lowball collector!

    It'd definitely be a P-1 candidate if it's natural wear. I believe that it would be a P-1 with a little more circulation. Here's a 1932-D quarter graded PCGS FR02 for reference.

    Either way, it's quite a cool coin. Lowballs, though, can include this one even if it grades FR-2, and while P-1 is the optimal grade, there are many modern, and even older common date coins, that can grade as high as VF and be a lowball. Some coins include a G-6 Morgan like a 1921 or an 1880-S, or potentially a Silver Eagle graded VG-10, VF-30, or XF-45. A lot of those circulated Silver Eagles go for big money if worn well enough because, well, they're just that rare. 1932-D 25C, PCGS FR02.jpg 1932-D 25C, PCGS FR02 Reverse.jpg
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  8. Barney McRae

    Barney McRae Supporter! Supporter

    lol.........because of the labor cost of carrying a pocket piece? We live in strange times, bizzarro world.:p
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