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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by National dealer, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    Today was a fun day at the Palm beach coin show.

    To add to the fun, I recently bought some of the gallery mint reproductions of the ultra rare coins. These coins are exact size and metal content as the originals, and can be quite realistic to the new collector.

    So as people would gather at the booth, I would of course want to show the "new" rare coin purchase. I first reach into my pocket and pull out the 1793 Chain Cent, along with many regular coins, and watch the shocked look. Then as I would start to show the coin (in palm) I would drop the coin and let it roll across the floor.

    During the slow times, I stood behind the table flipping the 1804 Proof Bust Dollar coin. As soon as someone noticed and asked about the coin, I would immediately drop the coin on the floor.

    My favorite of the day was passing out the Confederate 50 Cent copies to the kids visiting the table. I placed them in the coinworld holders and tell the kids to show their parents the rare coin that they picked up off of my table. More than one parent mistook the coin for a real one. No one noticed the word "copy" immediately.

    The copies of the obsolete notes were a huge hit with the young kids, and many tried to pay for their food with these notes. Not sure the workers over at the food court were thrilled, but it was fun.

    Todays best purchase was the "Just Looking Tokens". Now each person who tells me that they are just looking receives a Just Looking token.
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  3. satootoko

    satootoko Retired


    Picture? :p
  4. susanlynn9

    susanlynn9 New Member

    Sounds like you started all kinds of trouble at the show. It also sounds like lots of fun. Wish I could have been there to see some of the expressions on the people's faces :D
  5. Pennycase

    Pennycase New Member

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ND you crack me up man.
  6. collect4fun

    collect4fun Senior Member

    ND, sounds like you and I have the same sense of humor.

    In my shop I have a small leg trap on the wall near my cash register with a copy of a $100 bill taped to the trip plate. Of course I have the release secured, should someone attempt to retrieve the cash :)
  7. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    Here is a pic of the "Just Looking Token" edited for promotional content of course :D

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  8. satootoko

    satootoko Retired

    Aha! A wooden nickle. If you make one of those a prize for the weekly contest I might even enter myself. :D
  9. Osiris X

    Osiris X New Member

    Hahaha, thats great. That is genius!!
  10. collect4fun

    collect4fun Senior Member

    Now you got me curious. Could you PM me with the unedited version?
  11. National dealer

    National dealer New Member

    Only the company name and phone number were edited.

    I take a beating on this self promotion rule. Sometimes even through my own mistakes :D
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