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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Bill in Burl, Oct 18, 2016.

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    This is a thread from another coin site that starts out with a few obvious fakes, due to the wrong Monarch being on the coin. It then goes into a few more fakes and the investigations that ensued. It ends with a Chinese vendor who is hawking both scarce and common Uncirc or AU coins on Ebay .. and probably the initial source for the fakes being discussed earlier in the thread who have now made it through TPG's and 2 other Ebay sellers. It's frightening how good the fakes are getting, as well as how uneducated some buyers are now and how to not take everything a TPG says as fact.

    And here is the "sold" list of the Chinese Ebay seller mentioned on p 8 & 9. For Canadian stuff he has sold both a 1912 & 1916 Edward 10 cent and a 1909 George 10 cent .. all impossibilities because it's the wrong Monarch. I would suspect that the vast majority of the other "sold" coins were fakes as well:

    Run, Forest, run .. as fast as you can!
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  3. Numismat

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    A great thread indeed. This is an area I'm into pretty heavily in general, but regarding Canadian coins... I have reported in the past fake coins "encapsulated" by both ICCS and CCCS. I also had an argument with an experienced collector who purchased one of the coins from this same counterfeiter cartel, who said the final word was that he checked with ICCS and they would certify it as genuine.
    I even had Mike Marshall tell me flat out that one of their coins was genuine, some time back when he was active on this forum. When experts get fooled it's a serious problem. Luckily it looks like people are wising up to it, as they are mostly selling far below what they used to compared to genuine examples. Still a very long way to go, but progress.

    There is also an especially sneaky ebay seller I have been watching for years, ebay id collectablesrwcompany

    Started out with the more common fakes several years ago and worked up to some of the really high quality ones over recent years. This one is smarter than the average account they use, and based in Canada. Stops whenever they get some negative feedback about fake coins, starts up as soon as feedback is too old to show, which is pretty soon at present actually. I only managed to get a handful of listings removed when ebay still had a group working on these things. No one believed me that the coins were fake, but they exactly match some of the ones in the second link you posted.

    These particular fakes have been around the global market for at least 3 years, which is when I was the crazy guy on a soapbox yelling about them to a very small audience. The other common ones with the more easily identifiable fake surfaces/toning have been around about twice as long.

    Shoutout to @gxseries for also recognizing these fakes early on in their presence and working to get people informed :)
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  4. jj00

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    Scary stuff indeed
  5. Pickin and Grinin

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    That's a good read, hard to follow, if you don't know all the #'s, Seems cool that they might have found a new Die match.
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