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    Meow went to the bank to get usual pawfuls of rolls for the week. The penny rolls Meow received where some hand rolled ones. There where three rolls that had very thick paper covers. This is the first time Meow received older rolls that had such thick paper. Out all the rolls there was not a single penny dated past 1973, and the several 1973s in the rolls where almost all red/brown in AU condition. There where no gem BU ones, but there where several reverse die clashes. None of them had obverse clashes unfortunately to make them great finds. But interesting none the less. All pictured are different pennies with varying degrees of a die clash.
    WIN_20191225_22_41_53_Pro.jpg WIN_20191225_22_42_21_Pro.jpg WIN_20191225_22_43_04_Pro.jpg WIN_20191225_23_01_32_Pro.jpg WIN_20191225_23_16_43_Pro.jpg WIN_20191225_23_18_49_Pro.jpg
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