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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Everett Guy, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Everett Guy

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    Here are a few new coins I just got from the auction. I am thinking of not collecting as much silvered coins as I like the more main silver content of the pre 200 AD ones. For collection wise I will get one of each ruler thou. (If possible) 20201202_212007.jpg 20201202_212049.jpg 20201202_212115.jpg 20201202_212235.jpg 20201202_212755.jpg 20201125_160236.jpg
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  3. Justin Lee

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    Nice handful of coins you got there!
    I think you could go as late as Valerian and early Gallienus to get nice looking "silver" coins (as opposed to "silvered"). Here are some nice silver ones I have from 200-~260 AD...

    Elagabalus, Ruled 218-222 AD
    AR Antoninianus, Struck 219 AD, Rome mint

    Maximinus Thrax, Ruled 235-238 AD
    AR Denarius, Struck 236 AD, Rome mint

    Gordian III, Ruled 238-244 AD
    AR Denarius, Struck 241 AD, Rome Mint

    Trajan Decius, Ruled 247-249 AD
    AR Antoninianus, Struck 249-250 AD
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