A few Judaean coins from the time of Domitian and Herod Agrippa II

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Deacon Ray, Aug 13, 2019.

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  3. Mat

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    Nice new bronze additions, Ray.
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  4. Jwt708

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    Are these new coins or a new image? A very ice group and image!
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  5. ominus1

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    ..kool D Ray...:)
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  6. Justin Lee

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    I've always coveted your Agrippa II H 1326! Do you happen to know the reverse legend?
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  7. Johndakerftw

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    Fantastic coins and presentation, as always, Deacon Ray!!:D

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  8. Deacon Ray

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    Many thanks! They're not new but they are newly appreciated. I've had them a while but it was only this week that I realized I had so many Domitian period coins.
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  9. Roman Collector

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    Excellent examples of coins that are difficult to find with such eye-appeal. Wonderful presentation, too, as usual!
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  10. Deacon Ray

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    According to David Hendin's Guide to Biblical Coins—Fifth Edition—it says “In the time of King Agrippa—by decree of the Senate” also Year 26
  11. David Atherton

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    Very nice examples and superbly presented!
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  12. philologus_1

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    Nice quartet you have there, Ray! Congrats!

    Agrippa II is an interesting personage on a number of levels. He was a grandson of Herod I. He ruled under at least 8 different Roman Emperors (and 10 if the historian Photius was correct by citing Agrippa's death in the 2nd year of Trajan's reign). Plus of course, he is mentioned in the New Testament.

    I have two issues of Agrippa II from the earlier portion of his reign. One under Claudius, and one under Nero.

    This Claudius-reign type would have been in circulation at the time of, and in the city of, Paul's appearance before Agrippa II:
    Herod Agrippa II, under Claudius, AE24 large-denomination.
    Struck ca. 50-54AD in Caesarea Maritima, Judaea.
    Obverse: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M (TR P IM PP); Claudius, laureate
    head, right; dotted border.
    Reverse: Inverted ship anchor within wreath; no legend.
    Weight: 10.8 gr. Diam.: 24 mm.
    Attribution: Hendin GBC V 1263. RPC I 4848. Meshorer TJC 356.
    Notes: Obv. legend 3/4th complete (21 of 28 characters readable). Desert patina.

    This Nero-reign type was produced in a different Caesarea than the Claudius, during Paul's 1st Rome imprisonment where/when he wrote some of his Epistles:
    Herod Agrippa II, under Nero, AE half-denomination.
    Struck ca.61AD in Neronias (Caesarea Philippi, Caesarea Paneas, Banias), Judaea
    Obverse: (ΝΕΡΩΝ) KAI(ΣΑΡ ΣΕBAΣTOY) “of Nero Caesar Augustus”; Nero,
    laureate bust, right.
    Reverse: ΕΠΙ ΒΑΣΙΛΕ ΑΓΡΙΠΠ ΝΕΡΩΝΙΕ, “time of King Agrippa of the Neronians”, in 5-lines within wreath.
    Weight: 4.93 gr. Diam.: 18 mm.
    Attribution: Hendin GBC V 1274; RPC 4989; Meshorer TJC 130.
    Notes: Complete reverse legend. Only faint, trace evidence of obverse legend. Attractive patina; some earthen deposits remaining.
  13. chrsmat71

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