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    I originally thought this first coin was perhaps an official issue overstruck but I now believe it is an Italian imitation that's simply been double struck. The weight is in line with the usual first century imitations. It's a bit overcleaned as can be seen in the photos but overall a decent coin for the price with a good bit of remaining detail. $35
    Italian imitation of Roman Republic Æ Semis(24mm, 10.52g, 2h). Anonymous, after 1st century BC. Italian mint. Laureate head of Saturn right, S behind/Prow of galley right, S above, ROMA below.
    Ex RBW Collection with envelope though no additional provenance is listd(note: RBW noted this as 56/3 which tends to be the catch-all anon. bronze number. I do not think it is a Cr. 56/3.)

    This sextans is from the Sardinian praetor series, struck by a Cornelius in 211 B.C. Most coins from this period can only be dated to at best a 5-10 year window but I've pretty firmly said 211 B.C. above and that's because this "Sardinian praetor" series includes bronzes and very rare silver quinarii in a fairly consistent style with C, MA and AVTR mintmarks(and recently discovered Spearhead) which are commonly found on Sardinia and hoard evidence suggests they were minted in the circa 212-205 B.C. timeframe. We know that the praetors of Sardinia for 211, 210 and 209 B.C. were a Cornelius, a Manlius and an Autronius so we can pretty well say that these coins were minted under these men. Virtually all of these coins are overstruck on something. See here for a wonderful example of such an overstrike. This coin is likely overstruck as well but I could never decipher it - perhaps you can? This coin has a relatively nice reverse with an obverse that is somewhat lacking but all the major details are there. $45
    Roman Republic Æ Sextans(2.35g, 19mm). L Cornelius Lentulus, Praetor of Sardinia, 211 BC. Sardinian mint. Head of Mercury right; above, two pellets / Prow right; above, ROMA; before, C; two pellets below. Crawford 63/6
    Privately purchased from Sam Sloat Numismatics at NYINC 2018

    This quadrans is from the Sow series. These coins are commonly misidentified, note that the Sow is above "ROMA" above the prow and often enough it's completely off the prow. I dunno what silly moneyer thought it was a good idea to put his mintmark there. This coin has nice dark brown surfaces overall and has had some corrosion in the past but I do not believe it has any active BD. The whitish green spots have not changed in the 3 years I've owned the coin but I did apply some Verdicare when I received it. $40
    Roman Republic Æ quadrans(18.4 mm, 5.33g). Anonymous(Sow series), 206-195 B.C., Rome mint. Head of hercules right; behind ••• /Prow right; above, sow and ROMA; before, •••. Crawford 121/6; Sydenham 254c.
    Ex RBW Collection with envelope(no additional provenance listed)

    Payment by Paypal, shipping is $4 in the US. Thanks for looking!

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