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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Pop70, Jan 20, 2018.

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    Quite new again, had been trying to get back into the hobby again in other words, indifferently , I am at the starting gates. Had been looking at my 1990 and 1991 Lincolns trying to see what I may have come up with roll searching. (Coppercoins.com) while trying to understand/see what was being shown and the description there of, two terms I had not seen before popped up. The first of which is "Pivoted spread", the second was "light spread" .... could some one plz. enlighten me? Heck I still don't understand the term "spread" me thinks. Guess I am hard headed or a man without vision but there are so many things that have arrows pointing to particulars of individual coinage I just cannot see to begin with; hope that makes sense.
    As a side note, after checking out box upon box of cents, nickels, rolls of dimes and about 500$ of halves I have come up empty handed for the most part. Guess this is just the norm. Have accomplished the ability to tell the Canadian from the American, also the washer space filler from the actual coin ... :)
    Also (and I was going to post but of course didn't) about a box and a half back, went to an out of the way bank in a very small town, picked up 5$ in pennies, just a grab and run on the fly. After getting home, laying out the rolls, noticed 1 roll far smaller than the other, not to uncommon I guess; BUT honesty sometimes prevails .... the roll had 40 pennies and 1 dime. Better than a washer for sure. Ok thank you all ahead of time, every one have a wonder and safe upcoming new year.
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  3. Dave363

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    From my understanding it means that doubling will be the weakest from the pivot.

    In my understanding of light spread means that there is less separation of the lettering on the coin.

    That all I no I would wait for some one who knows alot more then I do.

  4. Pop70

    Pop70 Member

    OK thank you
  5. TheFinn

    TheFinn Well-Known Member

    That is correct. It refers to a doubled die. There is usually a point in the design where the hub was closest on the second pressing to the first (so it is rotated slightly). The further away from that point, the more spread you will see in the doubling. If you look at a 1955 doubled die Lincoln you will see that the doubling is most spread on the right side where the date is. LIBERTY doesn't show the doubling as intensely, so it is closer to the axis point. I hope that makes sense and helps.
  6. Pop70

    Pop70 Member

    It sure helps, thank you so very much. I guess it takes long diligent efforts, learn as you go, a great place for assistance from so many learned and experienced folks .... here at coin talk of course, and looking and looking.
    My eyes are so aged, must use a loupe to see the dates, then an optivisor when sorting to speed things up, and a USB microscope to check the better things .... and of course experience that I am slowly obtaining. Know/or rather feel as though I re packaged numerous coins that I should have kept. i.e. I cannot even make out what I know is an error on the coin that CONECA sent to me when I enrolled. No frustration,(to speak of) but do rather wish I might be able to put one in a flip once in awhile :). Living here where I do, I have yet to run across some other person who enjoys this hobby, hence it is a lone endeavor. I will just keep trying, learning a little here and there. I wish to express my appreciation to everyone here for all the help they have extended and for tolerating my ignorance. Everyone have a great year, thanks again.
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