SOLD A couple of Roman Republic denarii for sale

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    Both sold, thanks for looking

    Today I have two scarcer Roman Republic denarii for your consideration. Shipping is $3 within the US or you can have free priority shipping if you buy both. Payment by PayPal:

    1. This is a rare anonymous denarius variety from Sicily and one of the earliest denarii. There are some chips and porosity, but a nice budget example of a rare coin overall retaining great detail. See information about its identification and link to the extremely rare corn-ear 68/1a denarius here. SOLD Cr068.1b-1200.JPG Roman Republic AR Denarius(3.36g, 5h), anonymous(uninscribed corn-ear series), 211-208 B.C., Sicilian mint. Helmeted head of Roma right with "spike" on rear of helmet; behind, X / The Dioscuri galloping right; below, ROMA in linear frame. Crawford 68/1b; Sydenham 191

    2. This moneyer minted two similar types in 68 BC and on both the obverse features Diana(the Roman equivalent of Artemis) and the reverse relates to the story of the boar that Diana sent to ravage Calydon. This is the scarcer serrate variety(Crawford estimates ~20 obverse and ~22 reverse dies total). Some wear and edge porosity, but overall a nice example of this scarcer type from the last decades of the Republic. SOLD
    Roman Republic AR serrate denarius (19 mm, 3.50 g). C. Hosidius C. F. Geta, moneyer. 68 B.C. Rome mint. Bust of Diana right, draped, with bow and quiver over shoulder; behind, GETA downwards; before, III·VIR downwards. Border of dots / Boar right, wounded by spear and attacked by hound; in exergue, C·HOSIDI·C·F. Border of dots. Crawford 407/1; Sydenham 904; BMCRR Rome 3386; RSC Hosidia 2; Russo RBW 1455.
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