A couple of colonial-era double-struck coins

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by lordmarcovan, Sep 22, 2021.

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    Ireland: copper "Hibernia" halfpenny of George III, 1782; double-struck mint error (likely a contemporary counterfeit)
    I never got around to slabbing this one, for two reasons. One, I think it was likely a contemporary counterfeit. I'm guessing there were as many or more contemporary counterfeit 1782 halfpennies than there are real ones. (Found one while detecting, once. Yup- counterfeit.) Even though it's nearly 240 years old, as a counterfeit, the TPGs wouldn't have graded it. And two, they wouldn't have straight-graded it anyway, due to the porosity. And my Eclectic Box is a slabbed collection (and I try to avoid net-graded "problem" coins). So I sold this one. Cool piece, though.

    Great Britain: silver South Sea Company sixpence of George I, 1723; double-struck mint error
    Obverse: GEORGIVS • D • G • M • BR • ET • HIB • REX • F • D, laureate bust right.
    Reverse: SSC in angles of cruciform arms.
    Issuer: George I, Hanoverian King of Great Britain (1714-1727).
    Specifications: .925 silver, 21 mm approx., 3.01 g. Double-struck mint error with second strike 25% off-center.
    Grade: PCGS F12; cert #33019533.
    Reference: KM-553, PCGS-610253, Numista-13083, Spink-3652 Small Lettering.
    Provenance: ex-Heritage Auction 271911, Lot 40075, 17 March 2019.*
    Notes: The "SS/C" letters on this coin indicate it was struck with silver from the South Sea Company, a joint stock venture which collapsed in the notorious "South Sea Bubble", ruining thousands of investors. The SSC coinage consisted of crowns, halfcrowns, shillings, and sixpences, and an apocryphal tale has it that a young shopkeeper saw such a coin in circulation and it inspired him to go to the South Seas. He became the famous explorer we know as Captain James Cook.*
    Comments: I was already a fan of SSC coins after owning a nice Mint State 1723-SSC shilling. I was feeling slight remorse for selling that one when I found this sixpence. It is well worn but quite an interesting error.
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    Thanks for sharing . Never really saw a Colonial double struck. Only off -Centers on CT coppers .
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    Nice, interesting write up.
    Thanks for posting
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    Nice double struck. Thanks for sharing. :)
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  6. john65999

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    i saw a vendor on ebay with perhaps 30 of them, i bid until got to about 30.00 each, and some lots were 4 or 5 of them in alot, i got cold feet when i found out there are many fake ones circulating on the collector scene...lol
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