A Couple of Byzantine Overstrikes, One that Baffles Me

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    Thinks have been a bit slow on the low-grade eBay unattributed lots front, but last week I got a lot of Byzantine AEs that I thought I'd share.

    One of my favorites is this Constans II overstrike that is so weak that the Heraclius undertype is still far more visible. I realize these are all pretty crude, but this one really "spoke" to me in that ugly Byzantine way (an attractive sand patina helps):

    When I first saw it, I oriented the coin this way, for the Heraclius follis undertype:

    Constans II - Const. Follis over Herc lot NC Oct 2020 (0herc).jpg

    After staring at it a while, I detected another coin, which at first I thought was the undertype. But I am pretty sure it is a Constans II follis, so it has to be later, and therefore "on top". Here is the same coin oriented for Constans:
    Constans II - Const. Follis over Herc lot NC Oct 2020 (0).jpg

    Here is my effort to enhance all the elements of the Constans II overstrike that I could see - I couldn't find a trace of the reverse M:

    Constans II - Const. Follis over Herc lot NC Oct 2020 (0det).jpg

    Attribution effort:

    Constans II Æ Follis
    n.d. (c. 641-644 A.D.)
    Constantinople Mint

    [ЄNTO VTO] NIK[A], Constans beardless standing facing with long cross and cross on globe / [large m, ANA left, cross above, [N]ЄOS right, [I II or III below].
    SB 1000; DOC 59d / Class 1
    (4.23 grams / 22 mm)
    Weakly overstruck rev./obv. on Heraclius Constantinople follis Year 1-3 (610-613 A.D.): dNhR[ACLIVS PeRP AVG], crowned and cuirassed bust facing, bearded, holding cross on globe and shield / Large M, ANN[O] left, cross above, [date I, II or III right],
    Officina Γ, [CON in ex.]
    SB 804; MIB 158.

    Here is the other overstrike from the lot. This one baffles me. There is a very clear CON mintmark and a gamma officina, but they appear to be retrograde? Or if not retrograde, they are in an odd spot on the flan and don't make sense to me in relation to the big M. The obverse bust is puzzling too - a beard? But not a pointy Phocas beard? Any Byzantine experts out there who want to straighten me out on this?

    Heraclius - Maybe weird lot NC Oct 2020 (0).jpg

    Here is the reverse shown oriented both ways, with enhancements:

    Heraclius - Maybe weird lot NC Oct 2020 (01det).jpg

    Tentative effort at attribution - again, any clarifications or corrections greatly appreciated:

    Heraclius? Æ Follis
    Year 1-3 (610-613 A.D.)?
    Constantinople Mint

    [hRACLIVS PeRP AVG], crowned and cuirassed bust facing, bearded, [holding cross
    on globe and shield] / Large M, ANNO right (should be left; or undertype?), cross above...?
    SB 804 ?
    (5.25 grams / 28 x 17 mm)
    Coin is difficult to interpret; possibly twice overstruck with rev./obv. orientation?
    Maurice Tiberius (?) follis, chi-rho visible above the M, Γ and CON retrograde.
    SB 495? Possibly another Heraclius?

    Here's the whole lot - I bought it for the Justin follis, which although a bit off-center, was a definite upgrade for my collection. Also, a Maurice half follis from Thessalonica and a Heraclius follis from Nicomedia. The trachy I think is a Latin Rulers issue, SB 2046; Hendy Type C, but let me know if not!

    Byzantine - Lot of 6 NC Oct 2020 (0).jpg

    Please share your new Byzantines, ugly overstrikes, or whatever strikes your fancy.
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