A couple interesting coins I found in some foreign junk boxes . . . .

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by ZoidMeister, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. ZoidMeister

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    This first one is pretty worn out. AG- at best. From the PROVINCE OF UPPER CANADA, dated 1832, it is a HALF PENNY TOKEN.

    20200813_102026 (2).jpg


    Next up is a pre-independance penny from Jamaica, dated 1920.

    20200813_102056 (2).jpg

    20200813_102114 (2).jpg

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  3. manny9655

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    The Upper Canada token shows King George IV, strangely, it was issued 2 years after he died. Upper Canada was the region immediately north of the Great Lakes, which included what is now Southern Ontario and part of Quebec
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  4. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . . Supporter

    Going through these boxes, primarily looking for silver, I ran across this little guy. He's really tiny, almost completely worn out, and doesn't have enough silver in it to get excited, but hey, any find is a find, right?

    For your enjoyment, a 1910 Chilean 5 cent piece.



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  5. lordmarcovan

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    I love World coin "junkbox" lots.

    Nice find on the Jamaican penny. I don't think I ever encountered one from George V in bulk lots. One of the more recent lots which came my way (in a vintage clasp purse) contained a dozen George VI and early Elizabeth II Jamaican pennies from 1937-1960.

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