WTS: A couple Greek and one Persian Silver

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    Hi everyone,
    Got the following coins for sale. Paypal FF and GS accepted, postage is $7 by USPS, shipped out sunday. I price my coins based on a combination of what similar examples have sold for on vcoins, as well as searching through coinarchives. If you feel something is priced wrong, please let me know, I can negotiate on most coins.
    Thanks for looking!

    Mithradates VI Final.jpg
    95-85 BC Mithradates VI of Pontus AE19, Head of Zeus Right | Eagle on Thunderbolt, 7.58g $45
    Myzikos Final.jpg

    6th Century BC Miletos, Ionia AR Diobol, Head of Lion Left | Floral Design in Incluse Square, 1.00g $90
    nagidos Final.jpg

    420-380 BC Cilicia, Nagidos AR Obol, Head of Aphrodite Left | Head of Dionysus Left, 0.60g, nice toning on this one $95
    Parion Final.jpg

    4th Century BC Mysia, Parion AR Hemidrachm, Facing Gorgoneion| Bull Standing Left, 2.23g $90
    drachm final.jpg

    93-63 BC Cappadocia, Ariobarzanes I AR Drachm, Diademed Bust Right | Athena Standing Left, Holding Thunderbolt, 4.00g $70
    siglos Final.jpg

    450-330 BC Persia AR Siglos, Beared Archer Kneeling Right, Spear and Bow in Hand | Incuse Punch, 3.88g $45

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