A contest for a contest (20 Mercury Dimes up for grabs, followed by grand-prize)

Discussion in 'Contests' started by JCB1983, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    So here we go. I enjoyed the layout of Winged Liberty’s large cent contest, and I would like to implement the (most like’s policy). So here is my idea. I want to hold a contest of who can come up with the best idea for a contest. Starting now and ending one week from now (The 27[SUP]th[/SUP] at noon est.) give your best ideas for a contest. You are allowed up to three different ideas, and the one that receives the most likes will be chosen as the actual contest. The person who comes up with the most liked contest idea will receive 20 mercury dimes (F-VF, no key dates). I would also like to mention that to be counted the likes have to come from CT members that have more than 10 posts. You can have up to three posts, with three seperate ideas.

    I will take the best (most liked) contest idea, and begin that contest December 1[SUP]st[/SUP]
    . This will be for a much larger grand-prize. Since we don’t know the format for what the winning contest idea will be, I can’t go into much more detail, except for the fact that it will run for 2 weeks. I am going to encourage coin-talk members to contribute to this grand-prize (Holliday Give-away). I have a tentative plan of either including a PCGS-MS64 Morgan Dollar, or a PCGS-63 1923 Peace Dollar as the final contest prize, as well as whatever any other gracious CT members can chip in to the Holliday giveaway. My goal is to get the mercs. In the mail next week and have the grand prize in your mailbox by Christmas time. I hope you guys enjoy this one and have fun with it. I have really enjoyed all of the friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable people on CT, and this is my way of giving back. :smile

    (By the way PM me if you are interested in donating to the final prize. It will be included in the actual contest on Dec. 1st as part of the grand prize)



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  3. MercuryDime

    MercuryDime New Member

    1)Coin Stacking contest
  4. MercuryDime

    MercuryDime New Member

    2) Guess the amount of coins in a jar
  5. MercuryDime

    MercuryDime New Member

    3) a grading contest
  6. dmott88

    dmott88 Coin Slinger

    1)most f-ed up coin, 2) the coolest love token or other stamped coin, 3) a tricky question (pm me for idea if interested)
  7. MercuryDime

    MercuryDime New Member

    Can you like my three posts?
  8. bigjpst

    bigjpst Well-Known Member

    I am all for contests that have an educational theme.
    I would suggest like others have done here in the past. Pick a person or event in history that is depicted on a coin, commemorative or on our currency, and find some lesser known facts about said person/item, and have people find the answers. I think Duke did this with Generals on obsolete currency, and Ricky B. used to do this with currency for his contests.
  9. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    I'll have to think about this one for a bit.

    I do see one problem with the rules as they stand: if someone lists three ideas in one post, how will you tell which one people are "liking"? And how will you count the likes -- will you divide the number for that post by 3? Or will putting all three ideas in one post give you an advantage, because the likes for all three will be added into one total?
  10. ikandiggit

    ikandiggit Currency Error Collector

    design coins from other star systems.
  11. JCB1983

    JCB1983 Learning

    Thank you for pointing that out jeff. Adjustments have been made. Make your edits if need be. That is (up to three different posts).

  12. MercuryDime

    MercuryDime New Member

    So you can have 3 posts with a total of 3 ideas on each?
  13. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    I'm pretty sure it's "3 posts, 1 idea per post".

    Sorry for nitpicking. I'm a programmer -- it's like being a lawyer, only more so. :)
  14. collectingkid

    collectingkid Copper Collector

    Coin quiz, like if someone gets all the questions right he will win.

  15. LFCfan

    LFCfan Member

    Trivia contest - coin related so it can be educational and fun, with multiple rounds, the questions start easy then get tougher, people get knocked out, till there is only one person standing.
  16. LFCfan

    LFCfan Member

    some sort of word puzzle or puzzle
  17. LFCfan

    LFCfan Member

    • Cryptanalysis (code breaking) contest, CPM9BALL had one that was alot of fun
  18. USS656

    USS656 Here to Learn Supporter

    How about a contest where the contestants pick a coin related subject and write about it. Best liked post wins. Must be at least 1000 words and written by the member (not copied from a book).
  19. Tyler G.

    Tyler G. Active Member

    1) Put a bunch of coins in a pile and ask how many there are, what is the face value, and what is the oldest date
  20. AWalker14

    AWalker14 New Member

    We should have a coin counter contest and whoever guesses the right amount of coins will get the prize
  21. 5dollarEdunote

    5dollarEdunote Coin Connoisseur

    Write a sentence of 26 words where the words begin with the 26 letters of the alphabet in order.

    Example: A Big Caterpillar Does Extra Farming....and so on.

    The sentence that gets the most likes wins.
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