84 de, a lil help plz. I looked at similar ones. And I remember that was said de was only montage.

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Mattellis, Jul 22, 2019.

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  3. Mattellis

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    Sorry P.A. mintage. Stupid auto correct
  4. paddyman98

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    You can easily correct your own title. Underneath it you will see Thread Tools hit that and go to Edit Title
    Correct then save changes.
  5. paddyman98

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    What about your 4 Cents? What do you want us to tell you about them? o_O
  6. Mattellis

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    Just wanting to see if I had something besides a mere 4 cents
  7. Mattellis

    Mattellis Member

    Double ear varieties 97 and 84 is what I've learned this far.postion of error or if this may be such error. Don't like looking stupid. I get that enough when I wake up and look in the mirror. Lmaooooo
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  8. spirityoda

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    Hi. This is what my doubled ear looks like. 1984 NGC MS67RD FS-101 (037) Red DDO Double Ear Doubled Die Obverse

    184 DDO.jpg
    1984 B.jpg
    1984 DDO.jpg
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