7th Post Giveaway!! – 1909-S PCGS Graded Barber Quarter!!

Discussion in 'Contests' started by illini420, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Drew8048

    Drew8048 Member


    I've always been a fan of the Liberty Head Nickels, so without a doubt that is my favorite, though your entire collection is truly spectacular.

    I am under 25. Thanks for the contest!

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  3. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Awesome set , I just love your 1909-S Barber Half , slab says 64 but it sure looks higher , also I'm over 55 does that get me 1/2 a chance , great contest .
  4. Ptadave

    Ptadave Junior Member

    WOWSA nice set

    My favorite was the Indian Head. I am very partial to the set. Oh and I'm under 40. I've been collecting for 4 months. Thanks and nice set.
  5. goldmember

    goldmember Junior Member


    Thanks for the contest. You have a very nice set of coins, but I would have to say my favorite would have to be the 1909 Indian Head Eagle. I have one just like it, but 1908. I also have a couple 1909 VDB cents, but I couldn't get a good picture of them tonight.
  6. mgChevelle

    mgChevelle AMERICAN

    my favorite is the 1909-s $10. i absolutely love the design on them and i particularly like San Francisco minted coins, maybe because i live closest to it. thanks for the contest.
    Under 18
  7. codydude815

    codydude815 Wannabe coin dealer

    Thanks for the contest! I'm definitely in. I'm under 18.

    My favorite coin in your set, is by far your 1909/8 double eagle. It's a beautiful coin, especially being the only variety in the St. Gaudens Double Eagle series.
  8. jon67

    jon67 Loves Lincoln's

    i love your 5 $ indian

  9. kevcoins

    kevcoins Senior Roll Sercher

    I like the 1909 Liberty "V" Nickle in MS66 It has such great luster and pops out as a genuine and beautiful Coin. It is also hard to find high grade V Nickles. Its great. and im under 18

    Thanks for the contests
  10. BenjyH_2009

    BenjyH_2009 Senior Member

    (under 25) 18 i cant pick a favorite coin!!!! all of them are magnificent!!!
  11. deadmunny

    deadmunny Member

    I'm a little partial to the 1909 D Barber Quarter. Of the several holes I need filled, that would be one of 'em that I would covet. Nice devices on yours. I'm over 20, actually over 30 too ...so I'm not a YN.
  12. Treashunt

    Treashunt The Other Frank

    Also a great coin.

    Trivia question:
    Who discovered 1909 inverted S ?

  13. jmon

    jmon Numismatist In Training

    I have to say, my favorite is the '09 S VDB. I am a Lincoln collector through and through, and, this will, IMO, always be one of the top coins to get.

    As to age... I assume you are talking physical so I am over 25 :headbang: too bad you didn't go on my wife's perception of my age when I am at a coin show - I would easily hit the bottom rung (candy store anyone?):bigeyes:
  14. Gao

    Gao Member

    I'm under 25, and I think your Liberty Nickel is the most aesthetically pleasing.
  15. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Yeah, I think it's pretty funny when folks complain about the recent proof/mint sets having so many different coins!!! :goofer: Not all of the years back then had 30 different though (the 1933 Mint Set had only 5 and that includes the 1933 Double Eagle!!!!). 1909 is special though with the change in the cent design, the controversy over the V.D.B. on the new Lincoln and the final year of coins from the New Orleans Mint.

    Well before I sent it to PCGS it was in an NGC MS65 slab!!! I've shown it to a couple of Barber experts and they (as well as PCGS) didn't think it had the original luster to qualify for a higher grade. It has apparently been dipped in the past to likely remove unattractive toning and in the process the original luster appears to have been muted. To compare take a look at my 1909-O Half which is beaming with original luster!! So much so that I know that the previous two owners each submitted it to PCGS for upgrade to MS66 and both times PCGS declined to give it the bump. I agree that the 1909-O Half wouldn't look out of place in an MS66 holder though, especially since the New Orleans coins typically have weaker strikes and some believe they are graded differently than coins of other mints.

    :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: I don't even have a guess at that one???

    Thanks again for all of the nice comments and special thanks to all of you who have shared photos of your 1909 coins!! I love them all whether they are used and abused or whether they are mint fresh.

    Good luck!!!!
  16. Coinman_Ben

    Coinman_Ben Member

    Under 25 (age 21)

    My favorite coin in that set is the 1909 St Gaudens double eagle set because the St Gaudens double eagles are some of the nicest coins I've seen, such a beautiful design ever to be on a coin. It is quite the piece of art. The reason I say the 1909 St Gaudens double eagle set is because it's so hard to pick out my favorite mint because the St Gaudens double eagles are all so beautiful.
  17. Ripley

    Ripley Senior Member

    Are you going to go for all 1909 foreign coins too. Some of them are awfully purdy. Traci
    My favorite - French Indo-chine 1909 Piastre
  18. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Wow, Traci!! I'm not even done with this set yet!!! :eek:

    Actually, I thought about it briefly but there are hundreds of coins that would be needed. I might go for some of them that I like though.

    I am going to include the U.S. Philippines coins though as those were minted in San Francisco by the U.S. Mint and at the time the Philippines were a U.S. Territory. Here's one that I just got, it's a 1909-S Peso graded PCGS AU58 and is between the size of a half dollar and a silver dollar.

  19. Ripley

    Ripley Senior Member

    I love usa/flilipino coins, my oldest is 1903. Here is a poor photo of some of mine. Nice touch on the 1909 Peso. Traci :bigeyes:

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  20. AlexN2coins2004

    AlexN2coins2004 ASEsInMYClassifiedAD

    I flat out love the 1909 quarter design over the others in the 1909 coin production
    I gotta say I'm 29 years old as I am a christian and don't believe in lying even if it could get me such a sweet looking piece.
    If I were you I wouldn't base votes on someone's age since this is the internet and there are no such thing as women here. Nor can ppl actually be held accountable to tell the truth.
    Please just 1 name in the hat for each person that asks to be put in the drawings you have.
  21. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    Well, I understand your concern over the potential for cheaters. However, I've run quite a few giveaways over on the Collector's Universe Forum and I always try to give the younger folks a better chance somehow as in most cases they don't have as much of a coin budget to play around with. Have people lied in my past giveaways??? Maybe... Are people lying in this current giveaway??? Maybe...

    That said, I see that a lot of folks are being honest about it too, like yourself. Anyways, even if there are a couple of cheaters, they're not guaranteed to win and the honest folks over 25 still have at least one chance of winningl. I guess I just have faith that most people will play by the rules I set up.

    Best of luck to everyone :thumb:
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