7 ancients lots at Roma auction: additional provenance info

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    Seven ancient coin lots at Roma auction: additional provenance info

    Hello CT Colleagues

    Over the years my collecting interests have changed, so I have consigned the following seven lots at Roma’s upcoming auction e89, to be held on 28 October. The link to the full sale is here


    I thought you’d be interested in a few comments on provenance about these coins in addition to Roma’s catalogue listing.

    Lot 5

    Roma e89 lot 5.jpg


    Etruria, Populonia AR 20 Asses. 3rd century BC. Facing head of Metus, tongue protruding, hair bound with diadem; X:X below / Blank. EC I, 37.216 (this coin, O1/R1); 8.25g, 20mm.

    This coin is published in I. Vecchi, Etruscan Coinage Part 1 (Milan, 2012);
    Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 41, 19 March 1997, lot 33;
    Ex Dr. Charles L. Ruby Collection (Part 3), Superior Galleries, Auction 14, 10-12 February 1975, lot 1954 (sales tickets from CNG and Superior included).

    This coin has been in my collection since 1997. It shares the same dies as Bertolami 2019 e64 lot 8, and Kunker 2017 295 lot 100.

    Lot 919

    Roma e89 lot 919.jpg


    Marc Antony and M. Junius Silanus AR Denarius. Athens, 32 BC. ANTON AVG IMP III COS DES III III V R P [C], bare head of Antony to right; small P (engraver's signature) in hair behind ear / M SILANVS AVG Q PRO COS, written in two lines. 3.68g, 18mm, 2h.

    Ex Alex G. Malloy Ancient & Medieval Coins, Auction 6, 3 December 1976, lot 232;
    Ex Alex G. Malloy Ancient & Medieval Coins, Auction 18, 12 January 1980, lot 768.

    This coin has been in my collection since 1980. No sales ticket. Provenance can be confirmed on the Newman Numismatic Portal.

    Lot 923

    Roma e89 lot 923.jpg


    Octavian AR Denarius. Rome, 29-27 BC. Bare head to right / IMP CAESAR on architrave of arch surmounted by facing quadriga bearing Octavian. 3.76g, 19mm, 5h.

    Sale ticket included from Ponterio & Associates Inc. listing lot 138 of sale 60 of January 1993.

    This coin has been in my collection since 1993

    Lot 1091

    Roma e89 lot 1091.jpg


    Clodius Albinus, as Caesar, AR Denarius. Rome, AD 193. D CL SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head to right / PROVID AVG COS, Providentia standing to left, holding sceptre and wand over globe. 3.18g, 18mm, 6h.

    Ticket included from Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 26, 6 November 1993, lot 500. This coin has been in my collection since 1993, at which time I paid CAD 476 for it!

    Lot 1255

    Roma e89 lot 1255.jpg


    Aurelian BI Antoninianus. Rome, AD 275. IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust to right / ORIENS AVG, Sol advancing to right, holding laurel branch and bow and treading down an enemy; Є in left field, XXIR in exergue. 3.56g, 23mm, 12h.

    I did not keep any sales ticket for this antoninianus. According to my records I purchased it at a coin show, probably Torex, in 1994.

    Lot 1269

    Roma e89 lot 1269.jpg


    Florian AR Antoninianus. Rome, AD 276. IMP C M ANN FLORIANVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust to right / LAETITIA FVND, Laetitia standing to left, holding wreath and anchor; XXIB in exergue. 3.25g, 22mm, 12h.

    According to my notes this coin was purchased in the spring of 1999 at the Northwest Coin Show in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota from Davissons Coins. It’s been in my collection since then. No ticket.

    Lot 1874

    Roma e89 lot 1874 obv.jpg
    Roma e89 lot 1874 rev.jpg



    Lot of 6 Roman Imperial AR and Æ Coins.

    I can supply a bit more detail on

    a) Gordian III antoninianus was purchased in 1993 from E L Owen list 5 lot 333. Ticket included

    b) Crispus AE3 Soli Invicto Comiti was purchased in 2015 from Guttus auction 10 lot 183. Ticket included

    Thank you for your consideration.

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