SOLD $69 Face Value 90% Silver Roosvelt Dimes + 14kt Gold Token

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    I have $69 face value of 90% silver Roosevelt Dimes (plus a 14kt gold one-sided Historic Providence Mint Space Shuttle Columbia token that has about $25 in gold in it) that I am offering for $1,300 shipped (via USPS Registered Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation.)


    If you care about the COA for the gold token I can include it, otherwise I can just throw it away to save space during shipping.

    If you factor in the value of the gold token (around $25) and the cost of shipping (probably will be around $25-30) then I'm selling the 90% at just over 18.1x face value, which is about 1.8x lower than shops here are selling it (if they even have it.)

    Payment via PayPal (PPFF preferred, please add 3% for PPGS.)

    I will confirm payment tonight, get it packed up securely, and then head to the post office tomorrow morning as soon as they open to get it on its way to you ASAP. If you've ever bought anything from me here, you know I'll literally overpack this so it's completely quiet and I'll send exactly what I'm saying I have and send it as quickly as I can.

    Thank you, and have a great evening!
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