55s hope these are better pics.

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Mattellis, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Your Second photo does not show me any real doubling, so some MD perhaps. USB or other microscopes that have less than 20 megapixel resolution produces fake pixels to fill the screen, ( In other words the software guesses what should be there by the surrounding area pixels and adds them so the photograph is more realistic , so lower resolution cameras, USB or hand cameras ,do this. If a true pixel shows an edge, it often repeats it in a fake pixel image.

    The newer USB cameras have much better software, but they still fake pixels to get a smoother looking photo. The human eye is just one simple somewhat flexible lens, but the human retina is almost 600 mega (million) pixels and the best software ever.

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    Those pictures still arent good enough. The one that looks good up there doesnt have the obvious 55 doubling. Check this link and look at your coin and find the exact markers.

    http://www.varietyvista.com/02a LC RPMs Vol 1/RPMs 1955S.htm

    Takes a little work. Objectively look at the "eye"...look at the die scratch behind the head....look at where the mint mark sits in relation to the date above. Dont "hope" or wish its there...be skeptical. 55s was less than 50 million produced so its a rare coin relative to other productions.

    Also, you want these guys to be dead honest so you dont end up chasing your tail. Its seems brash at times but its not. Dont take offense to it.
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