50, 25 & 5 PTAS Silver Coins Spain??

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by ryanbrooks, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. martina perkins

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    I av recently found quite a few coins one 25 ptas 77, four one shilling 1956 an old 5 pence piece 1979 one three pence 1943 on five pound piece 1999 one old one pence 1965 how do I value these. I would be greatfull for any help. Thanks.
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  3. chrisild

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    Welcome to Coin Talk! As far as I can tell, those coins are not particularly valuable. The condition of a coin will of course influence its value, so a coin that shows absolutely no sign of wear/use will cost or fetch a little more than a plain worn piece ...

  4. moneditis

    moneditis Reales de a 8

    Juan Carlos I was part of the 1981 coup, but after fail turned democrat. Last declassified info confirm.

    About the coins, there are lots of them = low value
  5. Victor

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    No I don't want it.
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