43 D 43 P penny pair. Like finding these.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Walter Marx, Mar 26, 2020.

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    A couple more of the days acquisitions. A P mint 1943 and D mint 1943 penny pair. Too bad for that oxidation on the denver reverse, used to have quite a few of these, when I was robbed they left my steaks but just dumped them out I. My car , most were stuck under the seat and rusted out fast, these two arent anything great but now are probably the best two I have. Starting over sucks, but it's somewhat fun choosing what I will rebuild with and finding deals knowing what I k ow now from prior learning and time off fro. The hobby. Having fun and caring less. Anyone who may have trading interest im all ears, if that's aloud. I know there is no selling in here but wasnt sure about trading. Another reject post, thought i could attach photos. Baby steps 20200326_041541.jpg 20200326_041506.jpg 20200326_041404.jpg 20200326_041417.jpg 20200326_041349.jpg
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