42 S Jefferson Nickel die crack?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by poppa501, May 24, 2011.

  1. poppa501

    poppa501 older'n dirt

    There appears to be a die crack that goes all the way across the reverse of this Jefferson nickel. From the U above the mint mark, through the MM, across the dome,down the middle right of the building, through the E in monticello, to the N in cents, and across to the O in of. What do you think? 1942 S Jeff UNC obv.jpg 1942 S Jeff UNC rev.jpg [​IMG]
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  3. zach24

    zach24 DNSO 7070 71 pct complete

    I think it's a die crack, a very nice one nonetheless. I'm sure it was'nt long after this coin that they retired that die.
  4. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    Looks like a die crack to me too.
  5. Jon4485

    Jon4485 Junior Member

    yup a die crack i had a similar one where it made a $ sign which i thought was really kool
  6. zach24

    zach24 DNSO 7070 71 pct complete

    Now i gotta see that!!
  7. iGradeMS70

    iGradeMS70 AKA BustHalfBrian

    I find die cracks to be unattractive on a coin and because it is technically an imperfection on the coin. I do believe that is a die crack, but I don't particularly like it. It does not add any premium to the value of the coin, but I'm sure you relize that. Also, die cracks are fairly common on war nickels due to the unusual metal composition (35% Silver, 56% Copper, 9% Manganese).

    -Brian :)
  8. Harley.d

    Harley.d Love coins

    WWII Nickels are already a good item to a WWII coin collector but finding 1 that has a die crack from then seems awesome to me, heck I'd buy it from you at a good price.
  9. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    Zach24 ? This is your Lucky Day! I just seen your previous post.

    1942-S Jefferson Die Crack_Pic3.jpg 1942-S Jefferson Die Crack_Pic1.jpg 1942-S Jefferson Die Crack_Pic2.jpg
    Bernard Nagengast mentioned in his book,"The Jefferson Nickel
    Analyst". This Die Varieties' haVE the Die-break extending through
    the "S" Mintmark, Creating a Dollar-Sign ($) Look to it!
    What makes this a little more of a Rarity'to me, is the fact' that
    this 1942-S' seems to have (2) Separate Die Cracks !
    The 1st Die-Crack is from 12:00 down to the Dome. The 2nd Die-Crack is
    from about 5:00 up through the Building,(almost parallel to the plane
    of the 1st- Die-Crack.
    This San Francisco, (42-S) is well-known in the Series.
    I was taken-in,on just how Brilliant/Flashy,An'White
    this coin is. For a Silver War-Time Jefferson' this coin deserves some recognition.
    I've added Photo(s) of these Jeff Nickles... / Jim/ Chasindreams
  10. zach24

    zach24 DNSO 7070 71 pct complete

    That's a really cool die crack, dreams, did you get it in circulation?? Yours and Jons probably came from the same die....
  11. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    hello Zack, I bought this on ebay,about 3 years ago,,,its a keeper! good luck on your Jeff-Collection Zack!
  12. zach24

    zach24 DNSO 7070 71 pct complete

    My Jefferson collection is finished in Au or better, only missing 50-d. Buffaloes are almost done too, just need the rare ones...
  13. eddiespin

    eddiespin Fast Eddie

    Hey Zach, here's another "$" one for you. It's off a '42-S. It's a little faint, but it's all there. :)

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  14. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Just look at the coin in the OP, it shows it better than the one chasindreams showed. (Probably because or the angle he shot the photo at.)
  15. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    thanks Harley, I would sell it to you, if I had more like this one, however' these don't come by like this everyday!
    I only have this one, in which I can't let go of,,,hope you understand. good luck finding one! Jim/chasindreams
  16. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    Well , thats what makes coin collecting fun,,,,everybody has different views on their wants an don't wants!

    To each their own,,,Enjoy what you collect!
  17. chasindreams

    chasindreams Member

    Very Nice, Poppa,,,,shows the dollar $ quite well,,,,Congrads!!!
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