Ebay: 40 BU Franklin Halves (7-day auctions (Round 1 coin shop owner's hidden stash)

Discussion in 'Auction Listings' started by stldanceartist, Oct 27, 2018.

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    Gooooood afternoon - hope everyone is enjoying the fall colors (where applicable.)

    I've just received what I hope will be the first of quite a few consignments (if this goes decently, I'll get to list Round 2, etc.) from a coin shop owner's "secret stash" of BU Franklin Halves (I think there might be some high AU mixed in, but it's mostly UNC.)

    Long story short: He's got an ammo box filled with gorgeous raw Franklin Halves, and I want to get them all placed in new homes. I'll be putting coins in eBay auctions, AuctionZip auctions, and listing them here in the B/S/T section, so keep an eye out.

    I've listed Round 1 (40 coins) in my eBay store as 7-day auctions.

    Want a preview of the type of inventory we're dealing with? Of course you do.

    "Bring out the coins!" (hits metal instrument)

    1950 D Franklin Half 2.jpg 1951 D Franklin Half.jpg 1949 Franklin Half.jpg 1951 Franklin Half.jpg 1952 D Franklin Half.jpg 1953 D Franklin Half 1.jpg 1953 S Franklin Half.jpg 1954 D Franklin Half 3.jpg 1956 Franklin Half.jpg

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