4 Kreuzer or 1/4 Kreuzer 1767M not in (my) Standard Catalog

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by ffrickey, Oct 4, 2016.

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    An oddity from my French relatives' hoard. Obverse design is clearly Christian IV of Pfalz-Birkenfeld-Zweibrucken. Reverse says "IIII EINEN KREUZER", which I thought meant 4 in one Kreuzer, i.e. 1/4 Kreuzer. (Like 24 EINEN THALER means 1/24 Thaler). DEPfalz-Birkenfeld-Zweibrucken4Kreuzer1767M.jpg But the Standard Catalog (4th Ed. 2007) shows a similar piece with "II EINEN KREUZER" which it claims is a 2-Kreuzer piece. I'm not sure they got that right. Be that as it may, my 4 or 1/4 Kreuzer is not shown in my Standard Catalog. Does that maybe make it rare?
    1.3 g, 20 mm (making it smaller than the II EINEN KREUZER piece shown in the Std Cat). Looks like copper to me. Date 1767M.
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    Excellent! And it does seem to be relatively rare--Numista rarity index 93. Thank you Jaelus.
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