WTS: 3 Scarce Date (1852, 1906, 1908D) NGC $20 "Cleaned"? @ $1350 Each, <Melt + 6%, <Apmex Raw Cleaned

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    The following scarce date (1852 & 1906 AU, 1908D "MOTTO" UNC Details) 1st tier TPG certified Gold coins are being offered here first at rate of less than 6% above melt value.

    The coins have received varying ratings from 3 different TPG, including the 2 premier, and have reached their lowest rating, where the customer can assign future value. I believe they are "nice" specimens, and of a questionable current rating. I haven't viewed "hairlines" or uneven "ghosts" on the coins.

    DE52rCL.jpg DE06oCL.jpg DE06rCL.jpg DE08D-Mo.jpg DE08D-Mr.jpg

    Individual or all 3 coins are offered. It's believed that, as I, a buyer may wonder what generated the assigned rating. A full 90 day refund is offered for return in original unaltered Slab.

    Payment by personal check. Shipping is $15 for a single coin, $10 for 2 coins, free signature confirmation shipping for 3 coins. PM if there are questions.
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