SOLD 3 nice reasonably priced Morgans.1902 S AU 55, 1901 P AU 55, and 1900 S MS 62.

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    Today I have 3 nice Morgans for sale.
    1. NGC 1902 S AU 55 (better date.)
    This is a high quality coin, and would make a nice slot filler, or just a nice (in general) addition to ones collection. I am asking ONLY 200$ for this coin.
    2. NGC 1901 AU 55 Morgan. This is a blast white, and imo a PQ coin. It is very close to the coveted AU 58 grade. I am asking ONLY $300 for this coin. A great opportunity to own a famous date Morgan.
    3. NGC 1900 S MS 62 Morgan. This is a very nice looking, with a gold patina coin. It looks PL to me? I mean, clearly PL. Anyway, this is a just lovely better date Morgan.
    I am asking ONLY $275 for this gorgeous coin.
    If interested? PM me. I will accept a check or money order? But prefer a check. Thank you, and have a good day or night.
    8A8C5CDC-1C0E-421F-A9E3-9D61FDE3CB87.jpeg DFE35942-7BCE-4017-999C-46F38E849735.jpeg 09D69F0D-5C78-4FB1-8456-419FB9161659.jpeg CFD79C39-4224-426B-AFAD-D83CCF19F0B3.jpeg D1553296-3977-48F3-A0AA-48A57B384B74.jpeg 14E77C01-B7CC-49B8-93F6-3FD0DF177914.jpeg C84953D0-2EB5-42C9-B734-DC2FF0C0ED85.png
    1900 S , 1901 both SOLD
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