3 clips and a blank (copper) planchet that weighs 3 grams??

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by john65999, Jan 25, 2022.

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    1941 Xf-45 clip Lincoln cent1944 clip f-15 Lincoln cent, 1929, (sold as au!!) but is not, only xf-45 to my eyes, paid way too much thought was au, oh well 12.00 down the drain, lol, and a peculiar blank that weighs 3 grams even...foreign? Maybe Canada?? do not know, thanks for viewing!!

    also, they look like they used ms-70 or something, colouring just not right?? 272193272_989783438299786_8907932409030759249_n.jpg 271946445_354154872895949_4722604014766836343_n.jpg 272098711_2976181506026012_9124894930689053589_n.jpg 271956301_608565150303135_4238300372798508784_n.jpg 271752105_321015513275471_7797079213052501857_n.jpg 272044029_461094108792200_1103835411342433160_n.jpg 272157092_4718624701526340_4142199803000029356_n.jpg 271932336_602648890801713_314052998625881836_n.jpg 272001074_965946300995759_2265010801141936715_n.jpg
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    Does the unstruck Planchet weigh 3 grams? 3.0 grams? 3.00 grams? The resolution of your scale and how you post the result is important.

    The weight tolerance of a copper cent is 3.11gms +/- 0.13 gms so if it weighs 3.00 grams, its normal. If your scale only has resolution to 0.1 gm, the the actual coin could be 2.95-3.04 grams. Maybe in spec, maybe not. You won't know for sure.

    When working with error coins, you need to make sure you understand your tools and mint specs or you're likely to make incorrect conclusions
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