25th eagle set order status ?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by x115, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Flying Dog

    Flying Dog New Member

    Good luck Buck, here is the last number so far I have seen "in stock and reserved". 383892XX, approx 6:00 order time.
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  3. MrMoJoeRizin

    MrMoJoeRizin Member

    Maybe that's why the ASE Proof sold out? They needed the blanks? One of the Mint CSR's alluded during one of my conversations that the collectors would be pleasantly surprised, but I never asked for clarification. Who knows?
  4. airraid1999

    airraid1999 Member

    knew things would move today congrats all
  5. retiredLT

    retiredLT New Member

    My status just changed to reserved and now I'm waiting for shipping info. Probably tomorrow.
    My number is 383867xx. Can't wait to get mine. I almost gave up hope.
  6. Buck

    Buck Member

    I'm feeling like I did the Christmas I was waiting and hoping for a chemistry set with about 30 different chemicals that would be considered toxic waste now. It seemed like I waited months. I finally did get the set. I hope I'm just as lucky now.
  7. onecenter

    onecenter Member

    If that is the case, the US Mint has a huge problem, bigger than its website dysfunctionality. I have never been a fan of Pitney-Bowes to begin with since I am a longtime specialized stamp collector, as well as my coins.

    What I have done is mail the US Mint a letter asking for replacement packaging, two box tops, one box bottom, two sleeves and replacement for the one chipped five-coin holder. Yes. Chipped, in three places.

    Oddly, none of the lovely hinged cases were damaged. The Mint really has a winner with the packaging. Unfortunately, they have treated it poorly.

    If I do decide to sell four of the sets in the future, a future customer would like nice neat packaging to go with it. That would be my preference over those awful slabs.

    I am wondering what the grading services are receiving from collectors/investors who are choosing to ship their boxes unopened for slabbing. Could it become an ugly surprise mess inside?

    I also noticed upon opening the five sets, the "jumbleness" of coins. There were not only loose capsules with coins (plus the one totally loose coin out of its capsule) but the coins were just randomly dropped into the boxes in any hole, if they made it into a hole, or wherever, whichever way it landed. I think the US Mint could do A LOT better with presentation as well as handling.
  8. krispy

    krispy krispy

    I might weigh in to the Mint / Pitney Bowles / shipping carrier problems with this. It is precisely because the Mint doesn't handle the packaging in-house, but out-sources this work to a third party and that third party NEVER marks the boxes with 'fragile' 'handle with care' or even 'this end up' to denote the contents deem attentive handling in route, that amounts to a poor image of the Mint, it's decisions, it response to problems and to any company they choose to deal with. All of these are problems that ultimate the Mint is responsible for. The fulfillment company and the carriers have insurance against liability when (and they always do) they occur. But that's not good enough for the customer, the end of the line, the party keeping this enterprise in business of selling collectibles, especially when the items are limited and cannot be replaced.
  9. Cochisz

    Cochisz Chief coin collector

    Took this off another web site hope I don't go to jail for theft.....
  10. MrMoJoeRizin

    MrMoJoeRizin Member

    I'm not tellin' :cool:

    You know, it's been more than a month and orders are still being processed. WOW!
  11. Flying Dog

    Flying Dog New Member

    Juast checked the Mint site and my order 383856XX has been shipped today -- 11/30!!! Got a tracking number as well.
  12. btbglb52

    btbglb52 New Member

    Good for you Flying Dog. I'm still hopeful...38392xxx
  13. saltysam-1

    saltysam-1 Junior Member

    My 383980xx got a Dear John letter. I must have been right at the cut off.
  14. MrMoJoeRizin

    MrMoJoeRizin Member

    really sorry Sam
  15. coinperson

    coinperson Member

    Sorry about that saltysam. My 383940xx is still in process so far...:confused:
  16. Buck

    Buck Member

    My 38390xxx order is still on backorder. i have got to be close. Anybody after 6:00 get an in stock and reserved today?
  17. krispy

    krispy krispy

    Sorry to hear that Sam.

    It has been harrowing for all of us to this point. It will be interesting to see where the numbers now point to the cut, should we have those pending orders start to report other cancellations.
  18. Copper Head

    Copper Head Active Member

    My order 383862XX shows shipped today with a tracking number. Maybe a bunch will be shipped out today.
  19. coinperson

    coinperson Member

    order #383940xx still says: order request in process expected to ship 12/15/2011!
    Same thing different day...BUT, no dear john email yet! :yes:
  20. Cunctator

    Cunctator New Member

    I've been following two orders I have on the edge very closely.

    Order 1: #383866XX - Shipped on 12/01/11!
    Order 2: #383899XX - 1 unit backordered. Expected to ship on 12/15/2011

    I'm praying for Order 2 to come in...it's supposed to be a brother's Christmas gift.
  21. coinperson

    coinperson Member

    Welcome! :welcome:
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