25C - Rim Burr and $1 Double Edge Lettering Overlapped

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by paddyman98, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Hello all!
    Welcome to my 31,000th like celebration thread!

    Thanks to @I_like_Morgans for that like ;)

    Today I have 2 recently acquired Mint Errors to share with you..

    First is a minor error known as a Double Edge Lettering which caused the lettering to be overlapped. This occurs on the $1.00 Presidential and Sacagewea Coins. I don't care much for this simple error but it was the Black insert NGC used that led me to purchase the slab. Neat :watching:
    Capture+_2020-02-18-11-57-32.png Capture+_2020-02-18-11-57-44.png
    Here is an example from the web -

    The second coin is know as a Rim Burr -
    It is on a Bicentennial Quarter
    20200218_130311(1).jpg 20200218_130213(1).jpg

    Here is some information on Rim Burrs
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    Nice rim burr :happy:
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    Nice read, thanks
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