$25 Face "No Junk" 90% $.25 & $.10 "Best Price" w/ppd Shipping - $375

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    One $25 Face lot assortment of pre-1965 90% Silver coins with the normal "Junk Silver Slicks" and mutilated coins removed. Current prominent national Dealer prices offered: https://comparesilverprices.com/.

    The coins will be packaged in transparent pouches or clear rolls, where every coin can be viewed/counted without opening the package/roll, allowing a full refund for unopened coin containers.

    The coins to be delivered are: $10 Face Very Good or better 90% Silver "Full Date" 90% Silver Washington quarters, and $15 Face Very-Good to Very-Fine 90% Silver Mercury dimes.

    Check the independent above "link", and I believe you'll find my quality and pricing the best to be found. I believe you'll find my "No Junk" pricing to be less than Best credible pricing currently found for normal "junk silver" (average circulated with culls generally included).

    Will ship my $25 hard Silver currency for $375 Fiat paper currency, paid with personal check or postal money order. Questions? richfoss@localnet.com
    (Moderators may remove this statement, but uninvited parties have accessed the Private Message in the past - documented, alter at your risk)

    If desired the lot can be placed on eBid where this ~1000 positive feedback seller would assuredly properly deliver that advertised (unlike this site - documented proof) to avoid negative "feedback".
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