20th Century Set

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by dwhiz, Jul 4, 2022.

  1. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    I've been thinking of getting a better image of this set.
    So today I got out my tripod, attached my phone to it.
    And this is the result.
    I must say I'm happy with the result. 20th Century set July 4 2022.jpg
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  3. lardan

    lardan Supporter! Supporter

    Looks very good, I really like this. I was happy to see see they included a shell cent.
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  4. JayAg47

    JayAg47 Well-Known Member

    That's a lovely set,
    I happened to complete the 20th century type set a couple of years ago, of course not including the gold!
  5. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Hey brother can you spare a half dime?

    I love these old Capitol holders they make a nice display. Two thumbs up Dwhiz
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  6. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & Eccentric Moderator

    What he said.
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  7. Phil Ham

    Phil Ham Hamster

    As the 20th century ended on 31 December 2000, isn't it missing the 2000 Sacagawea and the five state quarters from 2000?
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  8. ewomack

    ewomack 魚の下着

    That's a nice type set and a nice display. A great photo as well.

    Type sets have no hard and fast rules, of course, but I am curious why it leaves out the distinctions between Type I and Type II Buffaloes and the Type I and Type II SLQs, all of which occurred in the 20th century. SBAs also had Types, though not visually very significant. It doesn't detract from the set, but it's interesting in its use of "type" and display of what some might call "varieties." The 2022 Red Book appears to refer to all of these variations as "varieties" (except, curiously, for the SBA). Though it doesn't ultimately matter in the end, I once debated with myself quite a bit what a "type set" would ultimately contain, so it's fascinating to see one interpretation of that definition.

    I'm guessing that it counts only the years 1900 to 1999 as "the 20th century," which would explain why no 2000 State Quarters or Sacagawea dollar. The "true end" of the century and the millennium was disputed even as it occurred in the years 1999 and 2000. Some didn't celebrate until New Year's Eve, 2000. The rollover from 1999 to 2000 seemed to have more symbolic impact with the public, similar to a car's odometer changing from 19999 to 20000. Arguably, the set should contain the year 2000 as well, but it made a decision not to. Again, that's fine, but it's not technically "the 20th Century," which ran from Jan 1, 1901 to December 31, 2000. It apparently chose to focus on coins with years "19xx."

    Also, I have honestly never heard of a "shell case cent" until this post. Though I do now see in the 2022 Red Book the following passage: "Cartridge cases were salvaged for coinage of 1944 through 1946." Learning never ends.
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  9. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    Good photo Dennis. What is going on with the silver Washington? Looks odd in the photo.
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  10. 1stSgt22

    1stSgt22 I'm just me! Supporter

    Nice photo!! Nice set too!!!
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  11. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    @Mountain Man It the way it's toning, here's an image I took many years ago. 1945-S 25c 1-horz.jpg
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  12. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    I think when Capitol Plastic make this holder the Sacagawea wasn't even considered as the new dollar coin the 2000 state quarters well the 1999 seem to work.
    But I could be wrong, and that's OK.
  13. whopper64

    whopper64 Well-Known Member

    Great set, just wish the 2000 coins would have been listed as they were still considered 20th century. That would have then included the Sacagawea dollar.
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