20th Anniversary Eagle Set

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by swick, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. swick

    swick New Member

    Has anyone looked at the prices of the 20th Anniversary Silver Eagle sets lately? I can't believe how much they're getting for those sets now....over $400.00!!! I wish now that I would have had the money when the US Mint cam out with those sets! I would still like to get 2 of them for my grand-kids, but NOT at those prices! Does anyone think the price will go DOWN on those sets? At least to a reasonable price....like $200.00 maybe? Man, I hope so!!
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  3. andrew289

    andrew289 Senior Analyst

    I doubt they will never see $200.00 again.
    I think they will be at least $500.00 by the end of the year. People are finally catching on the reverse proof and the w unc...it took them long enough. When the set reaches $750.00 I'm going to sell 1/3 of my inventory.
  4. SapperNurse

    SapperNurse DOD enhanced

    I only m anaged to score 1 set at $150. A great deal in hindsight, but i wish I was more involved with the US Mint before these came out, my policy is usually to buy 2-3 of proof eagles, silver proof sets and mint sets so i can send the worst back or use one ( danscos ) and keep one, or one for me and one for the wifey.

    Anyoen wanan give me their's for $150? lol that was joke and not a solicitiation! lol
  5. Daggarjon

    Daggarjon Supporter**

    i was lucky to get 1 at the mint, i wanted more but couldnt squeeze out the money =(

    It is a very nice set IMO
  6. kidkayt

    kidkayt Senior Member

    I still have my sets unopened, and I'm debating grade-or-don't-grade, PCGS-or-NGC ???
  7. swick

    swick New Member

    I don't see much of a price difference between the graded coins and the coins that are still in the original box from the US Mint, along with the C.O.A. I could be wrong though! LOLOL
  8. CentDime

    CentDime Coin Hoarder

    Two of the three coins in the set are fairly low mintage so I think it could hold current prices. The reverse proof may be worth $500 in a year or two alone.
  9. swick

    swick New Member

    I agree with you CentDime. The reverse proof....maybe even more than $500.00?

  10. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Mysticism and Tyrants

    I have 5 unopened sets that I bought because I wanted to keep three and sell two to cover the cost of the first three. Now that it has more than covered the cost, I'm just plain greedy. :eek:

    I can't decide whether to have them graded in one slab with all three or three individual slabs. Any opinions?
  11. Daggarjon

    Daggarjon Supporter**

    I would do the 3 coins in one slab.. kinda like 'keeping the band together' .. i think the set will be worth more when all together... :)
  12. shatsi

    shatsi Senior Member

    I bought 2 from the mint and sold one at $450. The other one is still unopened.
  13. andrew289

    andrew289 Senior Analyst

    I would slab them individually. The chances of getting all three coins to grade the same is unlikely. I had to grade dozens of sets to get matching grades. Now, if a 69 unc, 68 reverse, 69 proof ..in the same slab isn't that big of a deal ...go for the all in one slab. I just prefer matching sets and the best way to do that is with single cases. Also, i would slab them individually to maximize the profit. The parts are worth much more than the set.
  14. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    Guy's what about the Gold set?? I was lucky enough to get one of those!! Any idea on the price tag??

    Issue was 2600.00....

  15. andrew289

    andrew289 Senior Analyst

    Hey Moen ...do you remember this post? It hasn't been a year yet but look at how we are doing so far !!!!!

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    Originally Posted by Moen1305
    I talked with my local coin dealer today and predicted that inside of a year, you won't be able to get back the orginal 100 bucks you invested. He said that if you have any you want to sell, sell them now if you want to get your money out of them. He's been in the coin business a long time and I can't help but think that he may be right about this. What do you think?

    That's a very scary comment. He must be trying to get people to sell them to him and only him...lol. There is no way that the 3 coin set will be worth less money.

    In fact, you can print this page out and put it in a drawer somewhere. This time next year, if the 3 coins sets (raw, I guess he is talking about) are less than $100.00 ...I will buy all sets that any poster to this site wants to sell. I will buy them all day long at the original issue price...all day long.

    I think by this time next year the raw sets will be $400.00. New silver eagle collectors are flooding the market daily and they aren't making any more of the reverse proof and the unc W is sold out with a mintage I guess to be around 500,000. Those 2 coins alone will be atleast $100.00 raw in 365 days.

    He sounds like a scammer. I find it hard to believe that anyone with an ounce of common sense would say something like that with a straight face. But then again look at the results of the honest dealer poll. Maybe, it's to be expected after all.

    Happy New Year friends !!!!!!!
  16. Danr

    Danr Numismatist

    moen, I opened mine and guess what, the reverse proof was jingling around out of the plastic!!
  17. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Mysticism and Tyrants

    Well it was his opinion. He has been doing this professionally for far longer than any of us. I guess we'll have to wait until Sept. to see if he was right. He seems fairly honest and he did realize that I wasn't going to sell them to him anyway.

    I am banking on him being wrong but he has been correct on most of his other predictions but nobody is 100% all the time.

    Does anybody know what the numbers on the 20th anniv ASE's turned out to be, 300,000 I thought.
  18. Moen1305

    Moen1305 Mysticism and Tyrants

    I hear no movement of any kind in either of my boxes.
  19. FloridaBill

    FloridaBill New Member

    I have "more than 10" sealed 10 packs. I sold one at $2350a few months ago, immediately realized my mistake, and stated buying them back. 5K is the current average on ebay. It will be 8K before the end of the year.

  20. bama guy

    bama guy Coin Hoarder

    Ricky B. I asked that question a while back and some one suggested I check some of the auctions to see what they were going for. It make a a lot of sense when one thinks about it . Nothing is worth more than what someone is willing to pay for it.

    Anyhow the NGC 70 grade in the 3 pc anniversary gold set i observed two in an auction. One set sold for 8k and another did not sell for the same 8k because the reserve was not met. Modern coin market had some for their weekend sale. They had them for $7,932 or $7,982 not sure but anyhow think they had 3 and looks like they sold them out. Have them now for like $8,100. Now this is for the NGC 70 and this is the lowest prices I could find at this time.. Some dealers are asking 11k plus

    Really did not see ungraded sets being sold in a true auction but then again I really did not look very much. Saw some BUY It Now prices of 6k to 6.5k. Have seen some on line dealers selling them for a bit less than that.

    This may not be accurate infromation but this is what I have seen.

    Hate to report a rumor but what the heck . One guy that was trying to sell his set reported that there was a rumor that a bunch of dealers were getting together to purchase all the Regular proofs out of this set making it hard to put together a complete certified set. Course you know people will tell you your feet do not stink to sell you something. I looked at another set for sell a few days after I read this. A dealer said that he was finally able to get a regular proof to complete his set and now it was available at some outlaw price. Forgot what it was. Anyhow thought that was kind of ... wierd...
  21. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    Thanks Bamaguy....

    Mine is still in original Gov package..I did open it to look at the coins ans they are incredibile!!!

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