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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Seattlite86, Oct 31, 2021.

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    I will have to do this in a couple of posts due to picture restraints.
    First off this really awesome canvas bag! I am curious as to what denomination it used to hold. If only it could talk! 30948968-2BF9-4D21-A623-08EA061277B9.jpeg BC407C84-8474-491A-8C5C-A69B489FE929.jpeg Next is this amazing 1965 mint set from Mexico. The silver has amazing mirror fields! 02D47F45-90E2-4C86-94C0-D2DD54B55A84.jpeg 177DD98E-2001-4843-8508-CB4E9E718033.jpeg
    Next are some neat tokens one of them being one ounce of gold from Canada ;).

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    Next is this really heavy copper 10 Kopeks from Russia minted sometime between 1831-1837. WOW huge copper is amazing! 77E4BF02-A738-485F-A4E1-E38730C78921.jpeg 2DF8CD44-2C55-4197-8665-EE5B3B114062.jpeg
    Then there is this cool Turkish coin which is a first for me. C2600C5C-982A-45CC-8845-7A83AA1BF4A5.jpeg 26CCBD06-451B-45FF-90E1-C9344A90AA29.jpeg I will most certainly have fun trying to identify these ancient coins! They are almost as old as my IPhone 7! 0ECFA9A2-3181-49A2-9011-FEA717857B6B.jpeg 3E8999CF-7AC5-4273-A182-0958EFDB35FD.jpeg C6847E08-779A-40CD-960E-E21A1489E3F2.jpeg D7ECF217-4474-4B74-A2B6-5033C1F4F7E0.jpeg
    My Santa must have done some research on where my family is from and sent me these awesome Italian coins! My oldest to date. I definitely love the dark chocolate color they have! 535CD835-E799-484A-8FC1-28C008C96F3A.jpeg EA0657D2-7860-4A3E-BCCC-FE51C5B09838.jpeg
  4. NLL

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    By now you are probably thinking that my Santa went overboard and you are right because I have more pictures! By far one of the tiniest and coolest coins I’ll ever own. A 1895 1/4 real from Guatemala. I really love the mountain on the reverse. 936A617F-6122-4E78-B5D7-4959D4AC84BE.jpeg A1D3A87A-97E2-4535-854E-E6BF32085569.jpeg
    Next are these very beautiful and colorful banknotes from Zambia! I really love the depiction of the bird on theses notes!
    image.jpg image.jpg
    Next are these really neat banknotes from China and one from Brazil. As a fun side note the Brazilian note was made by the American Bank Note Company making the note a really neat specimen to add to any collection! F1E222B7-450C-484E-A504-93270025C375.jpeg 867FA3C3-1159-4752-A4AA-62E98D96EEED.jpeg
    And last but not least a very cool reichsbanknote from 1924. image.jpg image.jpg

    Thank you Santa for everything! My pictures don’t do justice to these amazing coins and bank notes. You made 2021 a better year for me and sparked an interest in old bank notes I did not know I even had! Thanks!!!
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    Thanks for sharing, WOW, what a gift!
  6. ede1964

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    I like that Santa does foreign coinage :)
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  7. Rushmore

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    Me too!
  8. micbraun

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    Believe it or not, but yesterday Santa delivered a late Christmas gift to my door… I got a mint set from Mexico, another one from Japan, a 1941 wartime Nickel and a beautiful Canadian dollar along with some tokens. I‘ll have a closer look at them tomorrow together with the kids. Thank you, Santa!!!





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    I think he meant to post that in the 2022 Secret Santa thread ;)
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    Exaxtly, just a little late… Happy Easter everyone :-D

    Something must have happened… COVID, customs…
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