2020p cent... Striking error

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by dollar, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. dollar

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    I'm pretty sure this is some kind of a striking error and not post mint damage. 2020cropa.jpg 2020cropc.jpg 2020fullobv.jpg 2020fullrev.jpg
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  3. Collecting Nut

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    Yes, it is a striking error. Very minor and just barely happened but it’s an error. Nice to have and to find. Here’s a larger one so you can see what happened but you should do a little research to name that error.
    72096224-FC5B-4006-945F-E5C53DD51F4C.jpeg 724FC90D-2D22-4557-9446-AE7AF41A8097.jpeg 29785537-63F5-4ECD-9F60-96341302EFEA.jpeg 57641749-6AC1-4B98-B9DE-C55CB07188A3.jpeg
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