2020 D Shield Penny Doubling?

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by ARBIE SANTOS, Jan 29, 2023.


    ARBIE SANTOS Active Member

    I was just wondering what you guy all think about this coin. In the word Trust. The U looks like a doubling to me or is it just 1 type of MD. WIN_20230126_20_22_24_Pro.jpg WIN_20230126_20_23_03_Pro.jpg WIN_20230126_20_23_27_Pro.jpg WIN_20230127_09_38_21_Pro.jpg
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  3. I'm not seeing it, but I am also still new here.
    Did you try moving the lighting to see if it impacts your view?
  4. Incharge

    Incharge Active Member

    I see some slight Machine doubling.

    What is mechanical doubling?

    However, machine doubling is not worth much of anything while real doubled dies can be worth lots of money. The difference is that machine doubling happens in the striking process and occurs when an old die shifts when striking the coin, almost striking it twice. However, machine doubling is not a double struck coin.
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  5. Gorham_Collector

    Gorham_Collector Specializing in Shield Cents

    Yea no doubling.
    Extra thickness is what you want to see so you’d see it gradually over all the devices ie in TRUST. Not just one device.
    It would be a smudged or smeared appearance of the actual raised metal.
    Also no machine doubling in the state of these images you wouldn’t be able to notice MD. Reflection doubling and some die deterioration slightly around or in the U “making it looked doubled”
    Below here is what MD looks like
    this 2018 you can see the machine doubling in the 018 going southwest. Physical again metal that’ll be like a ridge. And below here’s a Doubled die on a 2018.
    EA03B419-24AF-49C2-AC88-E749F4C09318.jpeg BBA6BA83-2ADF-41F1-92CE-ABF77ABECC8F.jpeg
    Take a look noticed how the raise physical metal of the devices in the date is extra thick and distorted. Being smudged/smeared looking in the bottom of the 2 middle and the curve of the 2.
    Also in the 0 you can see the extra thickness northeast and southwest. In liberty the Extra thickness in the devices is prominent. With notching on the bottom left of ERTY. And the upper left of The Y is thicker than the upper right.
    Compare the normal 2018 date with MD and the doubled die this is what you’ll want to look for. Hope this helps.
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  6. Gorham_Collector

    Gorham_Collector Specializing in Shield Cents

    And denver mint coins will not be great to practice searching for doubled dies as there are not many great ones or as much that even compare to Philadelphia mints doubled dies. That just how it is so search phily shield cents that’s where you’ll find doubled dies. This 2018 I stated in my previous post is a Philly.
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