2020 10c DDR

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by bditto39, Jan 21, 2021.

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    I want to preface this find with the fact that I hate dime roll hunting and I never search dime rolls. Finding this was pure luck as the 4 examples of this coin I found came from the only 2 dime rolls I even bought from 2020! I sent one off to John Wexler in December but I am just now finding time to post about it.
    Sadly someone beat me to the discovery as Mr. Wexler had already cataloged the variety, but I am still very happy to have found four of these cataloged as WDDR-001. I may even start looking at more dimes...
    20201203_000706.jpg 20201203_001108.jpg 20201203_000731.jpg 20201203_000736.jpg 20201203_001023.jpg 20201203_000958.jpg

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  3. SensibleSal66

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    Can I ask a question? How does one tell if they have one . Is it thicker lettering . do you have another coin so we can compare ? For educational purposes or a link perhaps ? Thanks .
  4. thomas mozzillo

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    Sal, the top photo is from Wexler's site. although it's a 2019, the method is the same.
    Look at the EPLU on the OP's 2020 dime.
    Now the OP's coin:
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