2019 W Lowell Struck Thru Mint Error, NGC's " Inconsistent " practices.

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by captmorgan282, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Hi, this is my first submission to NGC and I sent them 3 different errors. Each error had it's only unique "Inconsistency":

    2019 W Lowell has a stike thru error obverse and the debris that struck thru had also scratched the coin. I found this coin in a sealed box directly from the company that rolls for the mint, so any damage was done by the mint. They shouldn't give it a MS63 rating. Then, to make resale even more complicated they gave a population number, and a market value of $45. Which are both incorrect, errors don't get pop reports or market values.

    2000 South Carolina Mint Error Stru Thru Obverse and Revervse. Which they wrote instead of Die Adjustment Strike. They didn't give it a MS grade, which is what they were supposed to do to my Lowell. They gave it no pop and NA for value, which is correct. So they just named the error wrong, so collectors of Die Adjustment Struck coins are not going to buy my coin now. They also need to decide which side of the coin to label. The third pic is not my coin but some other victim of inconsistent grading practices. Same error different side label. Make up your minds people.

    1982 Lincoln 1 cent Obverse Struck Thru Capped Die. Here we go again, they graded it with AU 55 BN. I know that these are actually Inconsistencies, because I have looked up other coins and the labels are different. Isn't the point of grading, to create a consistency of comparing the coins to find out which is worth more or in better condition. I'm comparing the labels and procedures and I'm super disappointed. I know I'm new, but even the new guy knows these guys are making mistakes with my new business. I didn't call them yet, I'm soo mad I wanted to see what you guys think first. Screenshot_20190904-160224_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20190905-102522_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20190906-192544_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20190904-160725_Samsung Internet.jpg
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  3. captmorgan282

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    Here is another comparison of 2000 SC and 2001 NC Die Ajustment Strike

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    That's one more reason to not mess with TPGs.
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    you may have checked a box to have them grade that top one. you pay for grade and you pay for the variety/attribution so check you paperwork
    I have a pgcs 1966 ddr fs 801 and it's graded and variety is labeled
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  7. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Even if it was done at the mint it is still just damage. Plus you can't tell if it was done at the mint, or in the bag during shipping, when the bag was dumped at the rolling facility, or in the rolling machine. All you can say is it is post strike damage.

    As for your second coin it appear to be a grease strike through not a die adjustment strike.

    I see no inconsistency in the third coin. Looks like what they describe it as.
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