2019 P Jefferson Nickel with some irregularities

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by MCPark82, Aug 18, 2019.

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    BC7D3754-85E6-49DE-A97B-D5B8E032F753.jpeg 122ACA44-AC3E-4D2D-93B8-6342793C537E.jpeg 67069BB1-120C-475B-AB09-365B0CC5551C.jpeg 322E197C-4C38-46CB-B2DF-3CF3603D21DA.jpeg AE40BAEB-E197-4CCD-929E-D3F925D67D19.jpeg Ok, so I admit I’m normally not too excited by coins with the current year stamped on them, but this nickel has some things going on (possibly). First thing I noticed is what appears to be an extra window stamped on the left on Monticello, just sort of floating next to it. I could be wrong but it’s roughly the same shape as the window closest to it, so that’s my best guess. Then I noticed a large blob of metal inside the F of “FIVE”. Then, on the right side of the balcony by the dome, that enclosed X extends outside of the box... then I got to looking at the front and noticed his face just seems wider somehow than it should be. I put it up next to another nickel and the ear definitely looks wide, but I think that it’s got part of his hairline stamped into the edge of his ear, which just seems really odd. There may be other stuff I’m leaving out, or maybe this is just a normal bs coin and I’ve already included way too much information lol... appreciate you taking a look and letting me know anyway!
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    Lol I’ll stop now
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    It has a number of die chips. Also has some PMD.
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