2019 die break reverse?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Bonnie B Viveiros, Jan 23, 2020.

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  2. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

  3. Islander80-83

    Islander80-83 Well-Known Member

    You mean here? It looks like a die chip.

    Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 8.08.02 PM.png
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  4. Yes, I have more in the roll, still looking
  5. Islander80-83

    Islander80-83 Well-Known Member

    You have more in the roll with that exact die chip?
  6. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    That's a die chip.
  7. I bought 4 dollars in cents and I'm finding die chips in 3 rolls so far, in the same area?
    Comments please
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  8. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    Probably all coins from the same die.
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  9. Islander80-83

    Islander80-83 Well-Known Member

  10. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    It's little, is there a die crack attached to the die chip?
    Goes to the rim?
  11. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    They're too common! That is why they aren't worth collecting. ~ Chris
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  12. 15798400671792749933393433652531.jpg I can see it get progressively worse..
  13. Pickin and Grinin

    Pickin and Grinin Well-Known Member

    Die chips and die cracks are a result of die wear, which came first the die chip or the Crack?

    Yes, that is how far we delve into the errors.
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  14. Got it, still cool
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