2019 American Silver Eagle?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Mike185, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. LPaul47

    LPaul47 Member

    Wish that I get a late email too!
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  3. MaryK

    MaryK New Member

    Same. I will make my displeasure known by not ordering from them in 2020. I really went overboard in 2019. Selling things on ebay (not coins) and using my PAYPAL balance to buy coins for my husband. In my mind, the mint stuff was free because the junk I sold on ebay was destined for the landfill anyway. My pug dog way of thinking (LIFE WITH FATHER-movie reference!)
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  4. morezan

    morezan New Member

    Yes. I am extremely disappointed.Disgusted really. Took off work today just to be one of the first in line. I had one in my cart - it’s still there - and every time I hit confirm the site crashed. There is no reason why a consumer/ taxpayer should not be able to purchase one if they are ready to check out at 12:00pm. Got to spend 20 minutes trying to complete my purchase only to be told it was unavailable. I have always been able to score at least one of everything I wanted. Even the $50 bill earlier this year. This time the mint failed me. I am still cursing them. What’s the point of being in their loyalty program if one is going to be treated like this?
  5. MaryK

    MaryK New Member

    I feel the same way. The idea that the pro's can game the system with bots or shills irritates me. There are multiple listings on ebay of people saying they have multiples for sale, all confirmed. How is that possible? I smell a rat. Obviously, the mint's oversight is about as good as their quality control. I was signed in and put the coin in my cart at one second after noon. If I thought it was a fair playing field, I wouldn't feel bad, but I don't think that's the case. I emailed Dave's Coins, who I've ordered from in the past, and who sent me an email soliciting me buying the coin and sending it to him, unopened for a $121 profit and told him I would never order from him again. All the dealer's shill/bot buying made it a slam dunk that most collector's like you and I would get shut out.
    I was initially ok with it and figured lady luck wasn't on my side. Then I saw MANY sellers on ebay offering multiple coins and knew the fix was in.
  6. ScroogeMcDuck

    ScroogeMcDuck New Member

    hey guys I am new to the coin game, anyone know when is the next limited release? I got 7 of the ones that released today
  7. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    "The fix" is how many people you can recruit to buy them for you, and how lucky each of those people are. Another member here got 15, but he had almost 30 people trying to buy them for him.

    I suppose I could've hit up all my friends and family to order them, or paid people I don't know to do it, but meh. I've resigned myself to the notion that most Mint issues will be overpriced and unexciting, and a few (like this one) will be huge rabble-rousing trainwrecks.
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  8. sergeant

    sergeant Not a Member

    your username checks out
  9. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Probably, I'm sure he had a LOT of people calling in and trying to order, and he has a LOT of dealers supplying him who also have a LOT of people calling in for them.

    Oh they will notify you, but be aware that those notification frequently arrive AFTER the items have gone on sale and are already sold out again.

    No fix, just lots of people ordering for him or supplying him. He will probably have a mock up of one, slabbed, shown for sale tonight. He typically does that while he is waiting for the real item to arrive. Take a slab shell, make up a label, and put a coin of a different date in the shell. Tends to get a lot of collectors upset because they think he had a way to get the real coin before everyone else and already has them slabbed.

    The collectors do the same thing. You have seen some on this thread saying how they had other family members trying to buy them as well. Some collectors have a LOT of friends/family to do this for them. So it's NOT just the pros.
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  10. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    I got one of those too.
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  11. John Burgess

    John Burgess Active Member

    I understand your disappointment but it was limited to 30, 000 and there's just no way to guarantee everyone that wanted one would get one unless making it unlimited or making it a mintage where it winds up worth less than you paid for it.

    I watched this from 2 months ago when it first popped up on the Mint website and kept my eye on the buzz about it. It was written up in every forum on coins in all the online magazines, on youtube, literally the buzz was high and adding to that the dealers offering $50-$100-$150+ above cost for people to order them for them and sell it to them.. then I'm sure the home shopping channels ran their own angles, I prepared the best I could and was wait in 15 mins early for it to open up for sale and I almost didn't get one and faced the same problems everyone else did. I just got lucky and instead of waiting on the reload screens I opted to open new windows and bring up the cart over and over trying to complete until it went through.

    Everything about this told me it was going to sell out quick and their website wasn't going to be able to handle the traffic on this offering. Sorry to those that didn't get one.

    They were on sale again this morning for a minute or two at 7:30AM EST from either bad addresses, declined cards, or a stock miscount of what was sold, not sure the reason, but that's the time to still have a shot at one for the next few days at mint prices.
    There won't be many, a few hundred at a time at best until it completely sells out but I'd expect this to happen for the next couple days like it always does. It's worth a shot if you have the time to get a cup of coffee and fire up the computer and see at 7:30 if they have some left still the next couple days.

    They are going to go quick, a lot of people know about this 7:30 thing.
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  12. longshot

    longshot Enthusiast Supporter

    I'm movin' on. There's lots of other fish in the sea!
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  13. LPaul47

    LPaul47 Member

    You have some very intriguing and beautiful coins!
    Any reason why you have not had those coins certified and graded?
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  14. longshot

    longshot Enthusiast Supporter

    Thanks! Well, most of them would be worth less than $100 dollars, or even $50, not really worth the cost of certification. Also I just like being able to remove a coin from the holder and touch it, (carefully). A few I might consider certifying if I was looking to sell.
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  15. LPaul47

    LPaul47 Member

    That is surprising considering the age of your coins!
    Thought the 1928 peace dollar was valuable?
  16. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer Well-Known Member

    I had a doctor's appointment scheduled at noon 11/14. Obviously I couldn't participate in this offering. I did request my DiL to open an account and go thru the hoop jumping in my stead. She was successful. It was her first time on the Mints site but I forewarned her of the exact trials and tribulations she'd encounter. That was key or she'd have thrown in the towel.

    I'm terribly sorry my brother's and sisters here, the true collectors, were shut out by those with less than honorable intentions. I know the feeling.

    This coin will go into the same stockpile I've accumulated over the past 50+ years of collecting so one of the kids or grandkids can appreciate in the years to come. I've never sold one single coin in all those years and this one will endure the same fate.
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  17. Heater

    Heater Well-Known Member

    That is not true. I have been following the sales on the bay......so many sold selling from individuals with almost no feedback. So many established sellers with no previous coin sales in their feedback history.
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  18. Heater

    Heater Well-Known Member

    Being a tax payer has nothing to do with it. All of us collectors going in knew the mintage. A better approach might be to actually realize going in that chances are slim on getting one. There were only 30,000 collectors at most that were joyful with yesterdays sale of these. I got shut out which never happens. I prepared days and days and days ahead of time though and purchased some presale on the bay. Some of the sellers are going to come through, some have already issued refund as they did not get a confirmed order and some have issued refund and now have relisted for sale. I am keeping a list and checking it twice ;)
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  19. Heater

    Heater Well-Known Member

    Friends and family dear Mary. I asked all of mine to order. All were shut out.
  20. Heater

    Heater Well-Known Member

    You must have an excellent Bot! Or maybe just lots of friends.
  21. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

    Now I have the shipping notice...Smart post well I hope I get it by Thanksgiving
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