2018-D Pictured Rocks Quarter Lamination Error

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by ALPHATHEAWESOME, Jun 10, 2018.



    Found these quarters CRHing. Some have the error on the reverse only while others have the error on both the obverse and reverse. Looks like a lamination error to me, what do you guys think? Any value to these?

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  3. bryantallard

    bryantallard show me the money....so i can look through it

    they all look like struck through grease. not a lamination.
  4. paddyman98

    paddyman98 No Common Cents! Supporter

    It's a Struck Through.. Nothing major

    IMHO not a Lamination
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  5. i have one that the lamination is on both sides predominantly on the obverse i sent it in to anacs for verification and picture
  6. UScoins1964

    UScoins1964 New Member

    I have one too but it's apostle islands state quarter if anyone finds out for sure please post because I cant find any information on it..thanks
  7. UScoins1964

    UScoins1964 New Member

  8. UScoins1964

    UScoins1964 New Member

  9. UScoins1964

    UScoins1964 New Member

    View attachment 797424
    this is the one I mentioned yesterday and I have no idea what it is

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  10. Brian Nguyen

    Brian Nguyen Active Member

    It is struck through grease maybe with grit. But, not lamination. Here's mine. 20180617_181910-ccfopt-1.jpg 20180617_181108-ccfopt.jpg 20180617_181438-ccfopt.jpg 20180617_181839-ccfopt.jpg
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  11. UScoins1964

    UScoins1964 New Member

    View attachment 797424
    That's like mine but yours is stronger my obverse didn't post and just now noticed..i just wanted to know if it added premium I didn't figure it would but thanks for the info. 20180708_141427.jpg
  12. UScoins1964

    UScoins1964 New Member

    This is the obverse or half of it
  13. Brian Nguyen

    Brian Nguyen Active Member

    Unfortunately, its doesn't have any premium. But, if you can get it to the right collector you might get couple of dollars.
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  14. Yep i got mine back from anacs and you can type in the number 6225864 and check it out i had a picture done . It came back as ms 63 struck through grease.
  15. I dont mind the cost for grading, it puts the buck stops here on a lot of guesswork
  17. My 2018 d pictured rocks certified by ANACS is ms 63 struck through grease #6225864 , you can check out picture on their website
  18. SorenCoins

    SorenCoins Well-Known Member

    Nice! I always like the look of an error coin in a slab.
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