2016P ATB Quarter Error

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by viper07, Nov 8, 2019.

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    A month ago I came across this beauty and would like to share my finding with fellow coin collectors. The images I'm providing is all from the same coin. FYI, I've taken careful steps as to not capture any reflections in my documenting process.

    2016-P Kentucky Cumberland Gap Doubled Die Obverse: On the letters IBER IN LIBERTY; On the letters QRTER & DO in QUARTER DOLLAR; RPM P/P; Small Die Gouge on U in UNITED: Doubled Die Reverse: On the letters of the motto “FIRST DOORWAY TO THE WEST”; Doubling on Top of Hat; Small Die Gouge between 0 & 1 in 2016; Small Die Gouge below AND in CUMBERLAND
    2016P Cumberland DDO LIB.jpg 2016P Cumberland DDO QTR, DOL,.jpg 2016P Cumberland DDO Mint Marka.jpg draw_2016P ATB Quarter DDR Marked.jpg 2016P Cumberland DDR HAT magnified.jpg
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    No.. That's Deterioration Doubling
    Worthless doubling. And as stated.. Machine Doubling.
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