2016 Odin high relief 2 oz silver Perth Mint

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by COCollector, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. COCollector

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  3. COCollector

    COCollector Well-Known Member

    Oops. Wrong forum? Definitely not a U.S. coin.

    Maybe a Moderator will move it soon.
  4. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    That's easy! Just click on "Report" and state the reason for moving it.

    I reported it for you.

  5. COCollector

    COCollector Well-Known Member

  6. longnine009

    longnine009 Most Exalted Excellency Supporter

    Is that the wolf Fenrir--the wolf who devours everything in sight during the Ragnarok apocalypsie?
  7. jackhd

    jackhd Active Member

    Which side is Odin, the obverse or the reverse (LOL)?? Jack
  8. brassnautilus

    brassnautilus Well-Known Member

    Odin had 2 pet wolves, Freki and Geri. Also 2 pet crows, Hugin and Munin.
    I see the second wolf behind the horse (silhouette behind mouth of the horse) but where's the other bird?
  9. Lon Chaney

    Lon Chaney Well-Known Member

    Left it at home?
  10. jackhd

    jackhd Active Member

    Isn't that the other wolf to the right of the spear, at 5 o'clock? Jack
  11. COCollector

    COCollector Well-Known Member

    Say what you like... this coin sold-out on the 1st day.

    More importantly, I really like this coin in-hand. It's a keeper.

    Sorry for my poor photo... the coin is actually silver pewter, not this coloring...

    I think the antiqued effect works well with this coin. And they even did an amazing job with the packaging.

    OTOH, there's something about this Kangaroo coin that I find disappointing...


    The display packaging doesn't work for me either.

    But if you like this coin, they're still available: http://www.perthmint.com.au/catalog...016-2oz-silver-high-relief-antiqued-coin.aspx
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