2013 Cent Error ????

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by FrozenExplosion, Apr 6, 2013.

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  2. non_cents

    non_cents The Frisco Kid

    Incuse die wear. No sure what the person thinks they have...
  3. they have a 5 dollar penny lol people are bidding
  4. Clutchy

    Clutchy Well-Known Member

    The sad truth is there is nothing wrong with the description either. If the winner protests later, he will lose. EBay should have someone monitoring these coin auctions. Half of them are crooks with good word play skills.
  5. enochian

    enochian silver eater

    yeah 5 different coin errors seems to mean 5 errors on 1 coin but instead means 5 coins

    correction 5 $1 pennies

    "they have a 5 dollar penny lol people are bidding"
  6. therocktjb

    therocktjb Wait, what**

    I have a whole roll of those! Some people really need to educate themselves on errors, etc.
  7. enochian

    enochian silver eater

    sell some for cheaper then that and get more for your self
  8. archertiger3

    archertiger3 Member

    i'm pretty sure i have a bunch of rolls like this
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