SOLD 2013 1/10oz. (10) Unc. American Gold Eagle Coins @ Best Market Price? of $220/AGE (or less)

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      Up to 10 1/10oz. coins are available with 1-4 having a price of $230, 5-9 @ $225, all 10 @ $220, or 20 @ $215 (I've many of differing dates). Believed best price to be found for an uncirculated gold coin of this type, see:

      Just an old man liquidating his collection. Question? contact me @ 320-629-1033 or richfossATlocalnetDOTcom

      If there's any concern about security, I believe most would find my exchange methods acceptable, coins being sent by U.S.P.S. "signature confirmation" direct or through eBid (for feedback confirmation) after personal check or postal money order payment.

      I have an international established eBid sales venue account with strong 3 digit ALL positive feedback where the coins can be purchased in anonymity and sent to a private secure location. The coin information is established with a legitimate Buyer by phone or P.M.. Return is acceptable in unopened original enclosure conditions, or cancellation of order, after payment, but prior to shipment.

      I've other U.S. Mint produced Gold products sold at less than established market values, but buyers, believe justifiably, mostly express interest in Double Eagles or A.G.E., Thus my offer.
    I don't accept PayPal, or sell/ship OUS

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