2012 Native American Dollar Design Announced

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by WarNickelFinder, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. cdwest

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    FMT15 you can , the ones you will get from the bank will mostly be circulated coins and in odd amounts depending on what they have. Most of the dollar coins I have been getting have been just what the tellers have in loose change at their stations.
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  3. fusiafinch

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    I'm getting some of the 2012 Native American dollars, but it'll cost me $275 for 10 rolls of 25 coins.

    Too bad the direct ship is gone! Are they just giving up on circulating these?

    Nice design though. I like them when they're shiny. I never see a toned one because they don't circulate!
  4. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    Because they never caught on, people still love their paper dollar bills.

    Toning usually occurs when the coins sit for long periods undisturbed. When coins are circulated, they get worn down, not allowing the coin to actually tone. You likely don't see these toned because it can take years to naturally tone and these have only been around for 13 years.
  5. Atarian

    Atarian Active Member

    Beautiful reverse - obverse is still lacking in appeal, to me. It's no SBA to be sure, but Gasparro's rejected design for the SBA obverse is still much better than either the SBA or Sac. IMHO.
  6. pappy-o

    pappy-o coinoisseur

    :thumb: Very nice I like this design.
  7. areich

    areich America*s Darling


    That is a better design than previous attempts. I think that the series, in total, is an artistic failure. I am not qualified to comment on the historical aspect of the series, but I suspect that honoring agriculture, something all civilizations needed to become proficient in if they were to survive, has not been much of a historical achievement after the 10th millennium BC.

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